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5.0 out of 5

2009 S AWD matrix - This car is the balls!!!

2010-01-17 18:46:55

I drive 110 miles to work everyday. From boston to portsmouth NH. In the winter, I had 3 Hyundai(?) Elantras. I thought they were good cars until I got a Toyota Matrix with AWD. Never had one, never wanted one. Well, my first snowstorm driving up rt. 1 and 95. Holy cow!!!! Drove it like it was a front wheel car, which is what i have been used too. Wrong!!! I felt the all wheel drive take over and boy oh boy, i let that do the driving!!! It is computerized AWD it does the thinking for you. Front wheel driving on dry roads and the gas mileage is good.I would recommend this car for a woman who drives alot, and a mother with kids who needs to be a taxi. Alot of room!!! My boys who are both over 6 feet now, put there "stuff" in there with ease. A safe car in New England weather.

2009 Toyota Matrix

Great Car

2009-04-03 05:21:54

This is our 2nd Matrix (we had a 2004 that we sold to our son). It's an S with a sunroof and the 2.2L engine. It's noticeably peppier, but gas mileage seems a little lower than the older Matrix, which had the smaller engine. Overall, we're very happy with the car. It drives well, we've had no problems with it. Quality is very high, as you'd expect; only minor issue seems to be the tailgate sticks a little on cold mornings. Seats are comfortable, although we haven't been on any long trips it it yet. We didn't even really consider a different car when we were looking to buy because we wanted an updated version of what we already had.

2009 Toyota Matrix

great sprty fun machine

2008-12-27 16:12:33

never owned a toyota because i thought they offered big yawn's....but went to the dealer and fell in love w/ my silver matrix xrs w/ 5 speed. its fast, fun i fill it up once a month and it doesnt feel like a econobox

2009 Toyota Matrix

09 Matrix S AWD ROCKS!!

2008-11-15 14:50:44

I bought my Radiant Red S AWD fully optioned in July of 08 and have put about 4300 miles since. I previously owned a 03 Pontiac Vibe that I quite enjoyed. But the second generation Matrix/Vibe outshines the previous models by a wide margin. I actually really wanted to buy another Vibe, but for some strange reason the 09 GT with the top end stereo did NOT come with a 6 CD changer- a deal breaker for me. But back to the Matrix. The extra 30 or so horsepower gives the S that quick power off the line. The car handles and corners well. The flat folding seats with hard durable plastic are retained from the previous model- only improved with the addition of rubber strips to prevent items from sliding around. The JBL 460 watt stereo is indeed a BLAST and with the Bluetooth technology hands free wireless is a breeze. The XM Satellite gives a wide range of music/sports options. The instrumentation really is excellent as it is brightly illuminated and can be viewed easily under any conditions. My only quibble is that the center console is not as cavernous as in my 03 Vibe and a couple of cubbies are deleted. And despite what Toyota seems to indicate, interior volume is down compared to the last generation: I know becuase I could carry over 60 bags 0f 20 plastic returnable bottles each and my 09 Matrix could only do 49. Several times I have had people go out of their way to compliment the car. They all seemed genuinely pleased with the redesigned Matix(as I am). Have averaged just below the mid 20's for gas mileage. I suppose for a small car it could be better, but personally I'll sacrifice a few mpg's for the peppier performance. I have yet to see how well the AWD system works in the snow; but living in New England I'll soon know as Thnksgiving fast approaches. I highly recommend the 2009 Matrix S AWD: stylish, roomy and utile, fun to drive with a kickass stereo.

2009 Toyota Matrix

Love Love Love my car!!!

2008-10-29 18:02:24

I have had my 2009 Matrix for 5 months and I totally LOVE it!! I really like driving it, it has tons of power and lots of room. I have pleanty of room for my two kids, but don't I don't feel like a dork when they aren't in the car. I can lay down the seats and have tons of room for hockey and soccer gear- there's rubber grips so nothing slides around!!! Best of all it doesn't blow my budget- I even talked my sister-in-law into buying one.

2009 Toyota Matrix

2009 Toyota matrix s awd

2008-10-11 22:50:53

I thought this car was going to give me good gas milage but on an average I get 20.5 per gallon. I am very disappointed. I'm sorry I dind't get a different vehicle that I could enjoy more.

2009 Toyota Matrix

Review of 2009 Toyota Matrix

2008-09-04 19:05:01

I found my Matrix after having FX35 fast, light, easy to drive, and my Gas economy 31 mpg. I love it!

2009 Toyota Matrix

Love it!

2008-08-23 12:17:02

We recently purchased a 2009 matrix as well. We test drove both the sport and the standard model. We actually did not find much of a difference between the two different engines. The sport had a sun roof and a few fancy trimmings which we decided we could live without and we went with the standard model. Its been a super car, great gas mileage even with our local hills thrown in. Knocks the socks off our old dodge stratus! Plenty of room in the cargo area!

2009 Toyota Matrix

Just love my Matrix

2008-07-10 10:10:22

I recently purchased a 2009 Toyota Matrix after having owned a Volvo. I just love this car. I am getting 27+ mpg. I am constantly on the road working, and it is a pleasure driving this car. I selected a manual drive. The interior is very sporty and the stereo has a great sound. The seats are comfortable and the A/C works really well. The cargo bed is very roomy with the seats down. The space is not as big as a SUV, but it is more than ample for hauling boxes and other medium items around. My clients tell me that they have a lot of room in the back, and my dogs love the back area as well. I have not found any negatives about this car and would highly recommend it. This is a great car for the money.

2009 Toyota Matrix

Review of 2009 Toyota Matrix

2008-03-02 10:41:30

2009 Toyota Matrix

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