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5.0 out of 5

Handling, Safety, Reliability, Exclusivity, Fun to Drive -- Check

2010-01-22 13:11:55

I am very satisfied with our Legacy 3.0R Limited. When I first test-drove it, I could not believe how well it handled. I have a good reference for this having owned front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive vehicles, as well as having experience on autocross, go-kart, and road course tracks. The boxer engine's low center of gravity and Bilstein sport suspension equate to negligible body roll and the limited slip rear differential does wonders to eliminate understeer as you apply the throttle coming out of the apex. As a family vehicle, safety was a strong consideration. With the entire Subaru line-up being named as a top safety pick from the IIHS and the Legacy having achieved this for several straight years, I was comfortable that we would be driving a safe car. We've only had our Legacy for 12k miles but it has been reliable so far. I believe Subaru claims that 95% of their cars bought in the last 10 years are still on the road today. Knock on wood. The most popular Legacy sedans have 4-cylinder engines and for some reason, there are very few 3.0R's on the road. I have only seen one on the road in the past year in 20k miles of congested suburban driving. This is a very exclusive car so you won't see yourself coming and going. Finally, the aforementioned handling, coupled with a very nice interior, very smooth and great-sounding engine, and the driver-selectable engine settings make this car very fun and rewarding to drive. At the time of purchase we considered the Mazda6 and was aware of the newly redesigned 2010 Legacy but we made our choice and are happy Subaru owners.

2009 Subaru Legacy

Love the Legacy

2009-03-12 23:39:11

So far I Love my 2009 Legacy. UnReal lease deal. ******* had a bit more leg room. Only issue.

2009 Subaru Legacy

Luv my Subaru!!!~~~

2008-11-17 14:16:44

I've never owned a Subaru before and just got a really good lease. (I put about 500. down for 2 years and pay about 270. a month) The silver exterior design is smooth and elegant. It has the best tire rims I've seen in my life and a sun roof; which makes it extra fun on those warm evening drives. The interior is also good looking. It features sports car design seats and a kick ass sound system! The features of a Subaru are really EndLess, compared to any other nissan or accord type of vehicle (which I've also owned). Although I hardly see other Legacy's on the road (yet) I love driving it and being the unique one on the road- I've had it for a few months now and I havent found anything that I dont like about it- :-)

2009 Subaru Legacy

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