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4.5 out of 5


2010-11-28 21:33:43

If your looking for a small car. The XD is your car. No problems and no complants. Best car I have ever own.

2009 Scion xD

Great car! Great price!

2009-03-10 09:52:49

When I began car shopping, the Scion wasn't even on the radar, but then I stopped at a Toyota dealer to check out the Yaris. The xD was parked next to the Yaris and I was immediately interested. I test drove the Yaris and then drove the xD. There was no comparison. The xD is a more stable car and has a much roomier feel, and is comparable in price. Since I had not done any research on the Scion, I walked away to check it out. The research was impressive and after checking out the Kia Rio5 and the Honda Fit, it was clear that the xD was the best buy for the money. I've had it for two weeks now and absolutely love it. Friends and family give rave review on its looks. A couple of friends have even been so impressed they have been to a dealership to check it out as a possible purchase for them.

2009 Scion XD

Not so quick.

2009-02-03 12:31:35

I traded in a wonderful 2006 Scion XA last Summer for the XD. Love the styling, comfort, gas mileage. However, am facing a 3rd trip to dealer for brake problems - they grind, slide to a stop, squeak. Not good for a 2008. Service manager has not even returned my call. So much for a Scion dealership. Think I got ripped off financially, too. With interest - paying $28,000. Still owe $19,000. This year's model starts at $14,000 according to computer.Am thinking of trading car in - won't be another Scion.

2009 Scion xD

Love It!

2008-12-17 19:07:43

I have just come back from a 6 month trip to Europe. Unlike the USA, the majority DO drive small cars. I came back and bought my 2009 Scion XD two weeks ago. It was the first car I test drove and I didn't have to look any further. I love this car. I used to be a big GMC SUV owner. Never again! The Scion has great safety ratings, terrific gas mileage, and it's a very nice ride. I have no complaints! The big plus is the extra space in the back when the seats are down. It has a unique style and tons of room to pack things in there. Not only do I feel that I'm helping the environment by using a high fuel efficiency/high mileage vehicle, I'm thrilled at the money I'm saving at the gas pump. If you are looking for a great, small car that has some bells and whistles but, you enjoy clean simplicity, the Scion is going to be a good choice. I wish I had the opportunity to buy one of these years ago!

2009 Scion xD

Best hatchback on the market and a fun to drive car!

2008-11-02 23:09:26

Sporty car with amazing gas millage. When we wanted to buy a car we drove the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris and the Scion XD. But pretty fast it was clear that our first choice would be the Scion XD. The interior comfort is amazing and you get much, much more car for the same price than compared to the two other cars. Very powerful engine for a small hatchback and after all a really fun to drive car!

2009 Scion XD

Zoom zoom

2008-09-01 10:03:48

Love this car! I have two big dogs and they love the drive. Great around town, easy to park and great MPG. IzzyBoo! Arcataman@yahoo.com

2009 Scion xD

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