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09 Scion Tc

2009-02-22 15:34:27

Ive had the car for over 4000 miles now and I can get enough of it. The mileage is far beyond anything i had expected and well above the epa estimates. I'm averaging 25-26 in town and roughly 30 on the high way. The styling is very tasteful and functional. I love the dual sunroofs as well as the integrated Ipod dock. The stereo system is better than any stock (and even some aftermarket) systems I have ever heard. The car runs perfectly and I love the incredible number of customization options available through the factory as well as aftermarket suppliers. The handling is surprisingly tight and precise for such a low priced car. So over all this car is a wonderful buy. I have only a couple things in which to complain about. The body panels dont always fit the best and tend to make a little bit of noise over bumps, as does the hatch. The stock tires on this car do leave quite a lot to be desired. I have already replaced them (not due to excessive wear but lack of grip) with tires that have significantly better grip. And finally I wish the car was offered with a 6 speed as standard equipment. I always find myself searching for another gear when I hit 5th. All in all, I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking for a reasonably priced sporty car that sips gas and has plenty of power. By far the best car Ive owned.

2009 Scion TC


2008-11-19 03:20:24

i am using this car from past year it looks ok,in terms of the mileage and driving capacity,overall a car that looks good in terms of handling and drive experience

2009 Scion TC

Review of 2009 Scion TC

2008-09-20 10:11:10

I traded in my 2007 camry LXE for a Scion TC. I liked the way the TC handled in turns and drove over all. The TC has the zip without dipping into your pocket to refill the tank.The seats are very comfortable,plus the passengers love the reclining seats.The orange lights on the dash give the car a sharper look at night, and easier on your eyes. The side blinkers lights in the side mirrors add safety when you plan to make a turn.Biggest Plus.. MADE BY TOYOTA... Built with PRIDE and workmanship.

2009 Scion TC

2009 Scion Tc

2008-08-30 23:29:25

I've had my 2009 Scion Tc for a little over 1 month and I love it. It is great on fuel and provides all the bells and whistles of a standard model car of any other brand with some extras that come standard on the Tc. You can even personalize the car to your taste. Your passengers will love the car too especially if they are sitting in the back seats, THEY RECLINE!!! How many cars do that for your passengers. I would recommend the Tc to anybody who was a fuel efficient, stylish car that is not made in such mass productions such as the Honda Civic. Scions are manufactured to only a certain number and that keeps yours unique in a way. I guarantee that you will see a Honda Civic driving next to you or at a red light 90% more than you will see another Scion driving next to you. I recommend this car....5 STARS!!!!

2009 Scion TC

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