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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2009 Mercury Milan

2009-10-11 00:34:40

I love everything about this car! I have owned it for 2 months now and I have not had a day of regret over my purchase. I enjoy driving it each day. Fit & finish is top notch. The ride is extremely comfortable and it handles well. Fuel mileage has been in the mid-20's in mostly city driving. I purchased it with the leather interior, sunroof, and the upgraded stereo system. The SYNC system which allows hands free operation of an Ipod and phone is also incredible.

2009 Mercury Milan

2009 mercurt milan 4 cyl premier

2009-04-11 08:05:21

we traded in a paid off 04 acura tsx with over 60,000 miles on it. it held a ton of resale value so that made the trade in worth while on the new one. this car is not even close to acura's quality but neither is the price. we are pleasantly suprised with the ride and features. it gets an honest 25 mpg with combined highway and city driving. we have around 7500 miles on it so far and have had nothing fixed yet.(wish i could say the same about my 08 f 150) overall i'd say this car is a great deal and a great ride.

2009 Mercury Milan

Most surprising

2009-03-29 08:55:15

I am most impressed with the quality, features and ride of my 09 Milan Premiere. I trade from an 07 Lexus es350, no it's not a Lexus but it is everything you need and want from this car class. Ride and handling are excellent, rich features that includes Sync, rear park assist, michelin 17" tires, heated seats, climate control and much more. The mercury edition is for the more mature driver, with softer ride and not all the youth related features such as red and blue lined seats. With Ford's aggressive pricing and financing, you got to put mercury on your list (what a line...)

2009 Mercury Milan

Review of 2009 Mercury Milan

2008-11-30 20:12:49

Very fun to drive car. I have loved owning it.

2009 Mercury Milan

Hans D. Muehlenfeld ....my 2009 Milan

2008-10-22 13:18:51

Recently took Delivery of my 2009 Milan, 4 Cylinder with an Automatic Transmission. I have a 39 Month Lease on this Vehicle. I was surprised about the Performance of the 4 Cylinder Car with an Automatic. No it's not a Race Car, but it can easily stay with or ahead of the Traffic, thanks to the 5 Speed Automatic. I turned in a 2006 Mercury Milan with a 5 Speed Standard Transmission in Vivid Red. Loved that Vehicle. Actually my Lease had another Month to go, but my Dealer Pompano Beach Ford-Lincoln-Mercury offered to deliver above Vehicle to me and the last Payment was made, I believe by Ford Credit Corp. I really liked the Std Transmission of the 2006 Milan, but my Gal is not doing well with a Standard Shift, so I took the Automatic Transmission Model. The Changes made on the 2009 vs. the 2006 were all good. There is a Compass, which comes in handy, There are Side Airbag Curtains, which I hope, I will never have to use. It also has the "Sync" Feature which makes it a Snap to use via the Radio in the Car, provided you have a Cell Phone with the Blue Tooth Feature, But I believe that most recent Cell Phones all have that Feature...You simply say the Name of the Part you want to reach ...and you talk Hands-Free with incredible Sound. I chose the Metallic White Paint this Time, mainly because my Dealer did not have the Vivid Red in Stock. I took my 2006 Milan to Kentucky three Times and driving right along I got 31 MPG.. I expect a similar Mileage on the 2009. Congratulations Mercury, your new Milan is another Winner..very good Engineering, very well put together and as before very stylish. All in all again a great Car.

2009 Mercury Milan

Review of 2009 Mercury Milan

2008-07-10 12:36:48

Just wanted to let someone know that the mileage is horrible. I drive in the city and get 15 miles to the gallon. I drive to work about 10 miles a day and can not get a higher MPG. I am very disappointed in the fact that I leased this car for 3 years and I had better mileage from my Mercury Mountaineer. I got about 17 miles per gallon in the city on that.

2009 Mercury Milan

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