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3.5 out of 5

2004 Mazda Tribute- I love it!

2009-03-04 08:58:30

I read Cappy's review. None of his complaints apply to my vehicle. The car is wonderful and I have had it since I bought it new. It rides beautifully on local or expressway roads and handles like a sports car. I have it with all the extras and it handles beautifully in the snow with the 4 wheel drive. Gas mileage is more than adequate in 22 mpg on average range for all types of driving. I have had absolutely no problem with the car mechanically or electrically in the five years that I have ************ hums as I drive it. I have followed all maintenance recommendations at the dealer. Nothing has worn out earlier than expectation like the brakes on my 96 Lincoln Continental. In fact, parts seem to last beyond expectation and the surface paint still takes a nice shine. Heating and A/C- ventilation systems, ABS etc, all function very well. I recommend the vehicle with the extra's such as moon roof, 4WD, good stero system, leather interior, as it makes driving that much more confortable, and more effective in the winter. Thus I recommend the Mazda Tribute very highly.

2009 Mazda Tribute

Loud and gas filler probs...

2009-03-04 08:32:02

Have a '94 Tribute. Nice vehicle. The interior is very loud especially on the highway. Also, we've had major issues with the gas filler neck - We are not able to fill the tank without standing there holding the handle - most of the time. This can be a major pain especially in Michigan winter. We've taken it in numerous times and it finally came down to they labelled this as "normal". Not happy with this at all...

2009 Mazda Tribute

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