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Great Value for really fast car

2009-04-05 09:47:16

I've owned my Speed3 for about 3 months and put around3,000 miles on it. I bought the GT model.I cross shopped a V.W. G.T.I and Cobalt and HHR S.S.s. The quality of the interior in both Chevys were terrible.The V.W. had a slightly better interior but it was substantially more expensive.The V.W. was slower and seemed to handle about the same.Torque steer wasn't a problem in either one. My only problem with the Mazda was the summer tires and the unavailability of a sunroof and heated seats.The shift linkage is also vague at best and the drive by wire throttle isn't very good.The Bose sound system also leaves a lot to be desired when compared to the Monsoon V.W. uses and the Panasonic offered in a Scion.I get around 26 mpg in very spirited suburban driving.If you live where it snows plan on spending $1,000 for snow tires and wheels.I also own a 2002 Protege 5 and a 2002 V.W. GTI 1.8T.Both of these marques have durable, reliable cars about equal on that count.The Speed3 replaced my wife's 2005 Scion tc.The tc had the same drive by wire flaws the Mazda does.V.W seems to do this better.The only difference I could detect between the 2008.5 Speed3 and the 2009 is the addition of lit vanity mirrors for driver and passenger.I'm very happy with my Speed3 especially when price is figured into the decision.This car is faster than it feels, has a very attractive and comfortable interior and a good sounding, unobtrusive exhaust system. This car is really good out of the box and requires no after market tweaks like the GTI does to make it fast and formidable.I also much prefer the Mazda's styling.

2009 Mazda MAZDASPEED3

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