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Fun and Practical!

2010-01-23 20:46:37

I wanted a car that was both practical and had 'attitide'! Loved the idea of being able to create my own MINI and whatch it's production progress via their website! It started out as a wel optioned Cooper 'S', but I added almost all of the JCW options (performance, Bremebo Brakes, shift lights, etc. to it). It is deceptively fast yet can (for the two of us)be used for shopping with room for most of what we buy (food). My Girlfried's MX-5 Miata is also realy great but lacks the room for alot of shopping. Almost everytime I take the MINI out, people come over and compliment it or want to know more about it. Her Mazda drive 'whip-cream' smooth while the MINI always feels like it;s spoiling for a fight. Performance for both a pretty close. Mine is an 'automatice' and I greatly favor it over the stick. The shift paddles work w/o having to move the selector stick to manumatic. A big help when I want to keep my eyes on the road nd not shifting the stick. If it stays in any gear more than say 4 or 5 seconds, automatically defaults back to 'D'. Handling with Perilli P-Zeros is great. Be careful with the optional packages. They are well worth the money but can add alot to the price. Funwise and powerwise (in another class) my son's new BMW M3 is the only car I'm jealous of. Of course, the MINI is only the body shape. The rest is pure BMW! My dealer MINI of North Scottsdale couldn't be better to me. The really put the 'personal' in service. My most difficult decision since I reside in AZ is to take my Sportbike or BMW Luxotourer v. the MINI. I almost laughed when I learned that the Fiat 500 is expected to be 'serious' competition to the MINI. No way! The MINI is predictable, never minds testing its limits and is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. I wouldn't think of any other car I'd want. Gives me alot more garage space too! There might be pretenders, but they don't compare to the MINI and that includes the VW GTI.

2009 MINI John Cooper Works

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