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2009-09-23 15:38:02

I special ordered car in March and waited patiently for my car to arrive in the US! Everytime I drive it I love it more! Plenty of room for cargo and passengers. Pick up is great, even with the AC on (no hesitation). Feel completely safe in it - even beside gigantic Hummers! Don't waste your money on the center console unless you are tall...it's useless if your seat is forward.

2009 MINI Cooper S Clubman

Review of 2009 MINI Cooper S Clubman

2009-09-05 14:29:15

Great utility vehicle. Can carry my canoe, bikes( inside or on a roof rack). Roomy inside for it's size. Can pack a lot inside the Clubman with the rear seats folded down. A very solid car. Great gas mileage, 34mpg on city/highway driving. Everytime I get behind the wheel it puts a smile on my face. Guess the only issue is the distance between dealers. Had to drive to Boston to get mine at Herb Chambers. It was worth the trip for the car and the dealer sales and service. Stock interior was the best way to go. Options can be pricy. Car will keep you young.

2009 MINI Cooper S Clubman

2009 mini clubman s

2009-01-15 20:48:35

since I sold my corvete, I have never had so much fun like now that I own A clubman. Today afreind told me that my vehicle had more room in the back seat than his new lincoln. Its quick, comfortable, and best it is economical, and if you read the manuel, it says you can use regular only problem it will ping, but it doesn't affect the engine. It is a great little ,fun car.

2009 MINI Cooper S Clubman

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