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4.5 out of 5

2009 Mini Cooper Clubman- A blast to drive.

2009-07-30 23:35:53

I purchase My MINI Clubman a week ago and I must say, things just keep getting better about this car. Not only am I cutting my gas bills in half (I drove a Jeep before this) but I am getting the milage the sticker suggests. I am not (repeat... NOT) a conservative driver and I am getting 36mpg combined. The car is a BLAST to drive, and the quirks of a Mini are noticeable, from the "dinner-plate" speedometer to the "mood lighting" in the interior at night. If you buy a Clubman, I suggest getting the 16'' or 17'' rims on it, it makes the drive a lot more fun. The automatic is more enjoyable for me, since I admit, I multi-task, though my test drive in a manual was a great experience as well. It steers and handles like a BMW and the controls and on board computer are very similar to the big brother BMW. If you are afraid to purchase because of room, I suggest taking a look for yourself. I felt a bit of concern before looking at it, but the clubman has plenty of room for 4 adults and a couple of smaller suitcases. You can always purchase a roof box as well. The rear "club-door" is also a help to get in the back seat. If you like open-ness, I would suggest either getting the premium pkg or the panoramic sunroof (though, it's $250 more for the entire pkg). Its a great feature to have and it feels open and free. Also, the cold weather pkg is worth it too. GREAT HEATED SEATS! Another great perk? Free maintenance- 3yrs/ 36k miles. A lot to save in a cars lifetime, and a GREAT re-sale value. For now, the Clubman is a joy, and I have no concerns or problems with mine. It was the best decision of car buying I have made.

2009 MINI Cooper Clubman

I love my Mini Cooper Clubman

2009-07-23 10:13:19

I went from driving a Jeep Wrangler for 15 years to my new 2009 Clubman. I still sometimes miss the openess for the jeep on beautiful days, but the Clubman's double sunroof is nice and I love to drive it. It is a great quality ride. I purchased the upgraded sport leather seats and they are very comfortable. The handling is fun and the bluetooth telephone option makes driving and talking easy (and hopefully safe as it is hands free). The interior seating is not as small as one would think - I have alot of very large friends and they all fit in it comfortably. The storage in the back is ample and has a lower compartment for items that stay in the care for long periods. I do not have the turbo but I do have manual and I do not have any problem with the power - however I am not a "speed demon". If you like more power, you probably will want the turbo. Oh, and the gas mileage is great - I average 30 around town and 38 to 40 on long trips.

2009 MINI Cooper Clubman

Mini Clubman electrical problems

2009-03-08 18:07:10

I purchased a 2008 Mini Clubman in August 2008. I love driving it - but I have had some kind of electrical problem since the week it was delivered. The first week I owned it the sunroof wouldn't open, then that quickly went away and started working properly, then 6 months later the driver's side window automatic return wouldn't work, then 3 days later it started working properly again, then this week the rear door has started opening on it's own, including today while was going through the car wash. Has anyone else had similar problems?

2009 MINI Cooper Clubman

Review of 2009 MINI Cooper Clubman

2008-11-04 14:45:30

We just purchased our new Mini Clubman on Oct 11 and are having electrical problems involving the front passenger headlight, blinker and rear passenger blinker and brake light. The problem has only effected the passenger side of the car. If you are experiencing the same problems as we are please post it in the review section. Thank you. Other than this issue the vehicle has been fun and enjoyable.

2009 MINI Cooper Clubman

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