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2009-06-29 16:01:38

I was on the 405 southbound heading out of the valley and into West Los Angeles when I saw one. My jaw dropped so low, you could've flown a 747 jet into it. The color caught my eye first - "Starfire Pearl", as I have since learned. As she whizzed past me, I could almost smell the 'new car' smell. That's pretty good for L.A.! I had to get a closer look. Finally the traffic backed up and with some quick maneuvering, I managed to get right next to it. Okay, this car was not like other car I've ever seen on all my 35 plus years on this freeway. Beautiful lines, curves in all the right places and it looked as though it ran smooth as silk. I memorized the letters and numbers on the back,” Lexus (easy enough to remember), SC (South Carolina), 430 (1/2 hour before cocktails). Once the freeway let up, it sped out of the snail lane it was in and into a free lane and whoosh - she was gone! Not for long - I will own one this year! P.S. Sorry I had to fib a little to get this observation review in. -Deb from Laguna Beach 06-09

2009 Lexus SC 430

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