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5.0 out of 5

Correction! This Car is a Rocket from the get go

2009-09-19 17:54:31

CORRECTION: I need to correct a word in my other post with the same title. I was explaining how much I enjoyed how the car handles when making a U-Turn...I said I love the cars "SUSPENSION" but actually MEANT TO SAY: I Love the cars tight "STEERING RATIO". I was sidetracked and did not proof read before posting my review. My Apologies!

2009 Lexus IS 350

This Car is a Rocket from the get go and "corners like its on rails"

2009-09-19 16:34:58

I LOVE my IS350! I can't say enough to explain how much fun it is to drive! I am totally IMPRESSED with the initial acceleration and overall performance that this car has! I have driven & owned quite a few other sports cars and none(in my opinion)compare to my '09 IS350! I think the first thing that stood out was when I made a U turn-I was SHOCKED with how tight the suspension is! "It can turn on a dime"...is not just a saying here!!I chose the bright pearlized white color and WOW is it SHARP! (And In the sun it is even more stunning) - I have never been very big on white cars but I'm very glad I did now! Plus, supposedly the police stats vs tickets don't pull over white cars as often - I could use all the help I can get...esp. with this car!!! The only negative I can think of is.......hmmmmm? OK...It was hard for my elderly mother in law to get in and out of it because of the small/short size. Wait! No, That's a positive too! LMAO hahahaha! She has had a hip replacement and is quite tall so I guess if you are excessively tall 5'10" or more - I would say make sure you sit in it and get in and out of it a few times to see if you smack your head or not...other than that...not REAL big on the steering wheel shifter for "manual". I would have preferred it to be a REAL 6 speed...******** ok. To sum it up-It's a 10 from me! Go try out the IS 250 vs the IS 350 and if you are like me and prefer the pick up to be head jerking you will pick the 350 too! Best of Luck to you! But more importantly, Happy and Safe Driving! P.S. FYI

2009 Lexus IS 350

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