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Review of 2009 Lexus GS 350

2010-03-13 19:40:13

I own a 2009 GS350, Perfection in an automobile, I've gone from the 02'ES300 to the 06'GS300, to the 09' GS350, this is the all around best of the class. IF you Want Luxury, and Absolute dependability, LEXUS is the car for you.

2009 Lexus GS 350

Lexus GS 350

2009-05-02 11:36:11

I have a 2006 GS 300. Just traded it in last week, but they have to find me one :( I LOVE LOVE LOVE my GS and cant wait to get behind the wheel of my new 2009. I test drove the new Acura. It was nice, but nothing like the Lexus and the service dept cant compare to Lexus service. I jsut ******* woudlnt come with run flats!!!!!!

2009 Lexus GS 350

My new GS350

2009-03-31 11:15:08

I love my new car! I am a dedicated Lexus customer. After test-driving several comparable brands, I went back to Lexus again. This car is beautiful. It is complete luxury combined with performance. Very fast and powerful and has a ton of great features. Air conditioned seats, and the side view mirrors tuck in with the push of a button. The airconditioner and radio operate through a touch screen. The car does absolutely everything and that new car smell is intoxicating. The car is a touch expensive to lease, because it is sort of a niche car, so the residual value is actually lower than the ES model. But the good thing is that it is cheaper to buy out at the end of the lease. They are charging me about $20k at the end of the 3 year lease. My payment is $806 a month, with $2500 down and 12k miles a year. I love my car!!!

2009 Lexus GS 350

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