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3.0 out of 5

best car ever driven

AOL user 2010-02-02 14:55:32

ive driven a few cars around and i have to say my element is the best car/suv/truck ive ever driven. i bought one (a 2009) that was traded in with 9000 miles on it this weekend and never before have i felt so safe in a car. i definitely recommend it to anyone who likes outdoor excursions. its almost like a mini truck when the back seats are put up. very smooth and powerful. it has a lot of room without being too big. turns extremely well can stop on a dime and is very stable. my only complaint is if you have bad posture driving for a few hours can get uncomfortable.

2009 Honda Element

amazingly bad

chrisoffp 2009-06-22 20:08:55

I bought this SUV for my wife, trying to please her, she loved her Jeep Grand Cherokee but had to have this. Now we traded it in after 9,000 miles took a horrible hit on the resale. What a horrible car. It has no power, no comfort. Nothing positive other than the fact that I no longer own it. Do not buy this car, no matter how good the deal. We will stick with the Jeep from now on. What a mistake.

2009 Honda Element

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