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2010 Shelby GT 500 - 2010 GT 500 Pics and info

AOL user 2009-01-22 16:13:34

The 2010 Shelby GT 500 is unbelievable this car is now 540 HP and had been refined check out the pics and equipment at www.2010gt500.com the official 2010 shelby gt500 site .

2009 Ford Shelby GT500

GT 500; great car!

tztw0s9zusr 2008-10-10 09:23:48

@47,950 you will not find a car that is more fun to drive. The Shelby GT 500 is so smooth when cruisin around town but no need to down shift to show that import drivin punk how America does 500hp. I don't know how ford is going to top this and still keep the price out of the exotic range (65 and up). Gas mileage isn't horrible as I am getting an average of 18-22. Seats are comfortable and the transmission is perfect. Gear ratio is basicly like a 5 speed with 6th gear being for cruising the highway. Great sound system. Interior is better quality than expected. Heck, the whole car is of better quality than I expected. Maybe Ford really is making "Quality Job 1".

2009 Ford Shelby GT500

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