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4.5 out of 5

Awsome Truck

Christian 2018-11-20 09:46:27

you will end up with your front diff on the side of the highway. Living in MI during the winter heat the truck uFirst off I absolutely love my 2009 Ford Ranger. I would Love to tell you what model I have but I cant tell you, every place I go tells me a different answer. Ford claims it is a 2009 Ford Ranger Extended Cab FX4x4 Sport with a 3.75 up front and a 4.10 in back for diff ratios. My only complaint about the ford ranger is its drivetrain. You can only drive it in rear wheel drive because other wise you will end up with your front diff on the side of the highway. Living in MI during the winter heat the truck up at least 15 Min before driving it (you will thank me later). The brakes work to good in the morning and during the winter if you don't heat it up you will lock up all 4 within 3ft if you haven't spun out by that point. The Gas Millage sucks and I mean SUCKS!!! Going from a car that gets 40MPG to now getting 15 if GOD decides its a good day. I suggest during the winter say f-it max the bed payload out (I think its 2000lbs) and fill it with sand turn it into a beach in the bed because you NEED the weight I currently have about 300lbs in back and I still slide around like your friend with an RX-7 in Japan. Its an amazing off-road vehicle and don't be afraid to release you're inner Ken Block and jump the thing like the General Lee It can handle it, trust me. My truck is decked out like a Christmas tree and has about a billion emergency lights on it. I also have a Century cap on the back. My truck came with chrome running boards that by the time I got the truck you could send your foot through. The ford ranger is small enough to not need It but it makes it look really sleek and to be honest they do help the older age folks to get in the beast. My friend who parks next to me every day has a 2004 Ford Ranger XLT he was a stupid boy and removed his muffler... sounds like a Ferrari Love it has a real nice low end noise kind of like you after eating about 5lbs of Mexican food his gas millage probably not as good.. I estimate 12MPG MAX with no muffler and I mean MAX this truck HAS THE WORST MPG ever in a vehicle. Mine currently has 205,500 Miles on it if you drive like a normal human and treat it right and get your oil changes it will last to 300k easy, If you drive it like me and jump the thing when ever you can I would say 300k is going to be interesting to reach. Top speed is 96 MPH and don't I repeat DO NOT hold at 96 for more than 1 min. The entire truck starts to jump and starts shifting and doing weird things, (one of the scariest things that ever has happen to me). Over all its an amazing truck as long as its not treated like a trophy truck... Great first car as long as your a Doctor who can afford the hefty Gas prices you will pay. 5 Firestone Tires will cost around $800 I say 5 because it has a full size spare. If you find one with low millage and minimal rust for a good price BUY IT. Its well worth keeping it for your kid. Make sure to name your ranger... Mine has 2 names the Patty Wagon or the Storm Ranger, My friends Is the Power ranger.

2009 Ford Ranger


AOL user 2009-07-16 04:53:42

I am a woman,I Love my Ford Ranger,Her name is Nellie Bell...Ha! I can say she has never let me down in all the years I have had her.She is the perfect size for me.We have gone a lot of places together,From Kentucky to Virginia,Florida to NY to Germany.Right now we are in Germany,And yes she came too.She is great for hauling what I need to move,Or just running around town.People ask why keep a 1995? Because she still runs and looks good.WHEN I do decide to get a new Truck,The Ford Ranger will be the first I look at.Take care of your Truck and it will take care of you.Thanks Ford for building a great Truck

2009 Ford Ranger

Happy to own a Ranger!

AOL user 2009-07-05 09:32:31

I looked at the Nissan Frontiers, and their secret step-brother, the Suzuki Equator, and the other similar mid and small sized pickups. With every test drive, the dealers (except Ford) commented on how smooth and car-like they all handled. I got to thinking, I want a pickup and I will get a real pickup, not some urban wanna be. This vehicle will be used as a hunting vehicle, and very light farm work (to help my country friends), and my every day vehicle too. The interior is vinyl, which I like, my last car was a fuzz bucket, and every time something spilled, it was off to spend the better part of an afternoon cleaning the stuff up. I got the Ranger XL extended cab, 4 cylinder, and am very happy with my selection. It runs like a pickup should, as well as rides like one should. The Nissan/Suzuki people were pointing out the CD players, MP3 stuff and the bells and whistles, not one mentioned gas mileage or performance. I am still waiting for my first tank to run out so I can calculate my MPG. But on my first ¼ tank, with the AC going I got 120 miles, and at the half (where it is now) I have driven 206 miles. So after summer, I assume the mileage will go up. I really haven’t put it through it’s paces yet, but am sure it will perform well. I usually can tell within three days if I like or hate any new vehicle I have ever purchased. It’s been five days now, and I am happy. This Ranger will be around for as long as it stays together, and with the Ranger track record that will be a long time. It is sad to learn Ford is stopping the production after this year. The consumer magazines are all saying “No upgrades in too long a time span”, I say so what! “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” With a steady sales, it would seem you should keep it around. Let Nissan/Suzuki make changes every year, so the parts will be harder to find.

2009 Ford Ranger

I love my Ranger!

rochetto 2009-06-13 19:09:13

I just bought my Rangeer a month ago so I can't speak to it's long term reliability. But right out of the box its great-the perfect car for me. My 4 cylinder really does get 30+ miles to the gallon. Can't figure out why Ford isn't pushing this little gas saver but instead I understand they may discontinue it. Very zippy for a 4cyl. Great manuverabilty-beats my previous Aztec, or Dakota. The front seats are very comfortable. The manual tranny easy to shift. Only negatives are limited cabin storage and the ridiculous jump seats in the back. Come on Ford, you can do better than that. So it's probably not a good choice if you are going to have 3 passengers other than for an occasional lshort trip.

2009 Ford Ranger

Ranger - A taste of yester-year

tztw0s9zusr 2008-11-11 18:24:49

I've owned many new trucks in my life...(4)full size Fords including Super Duty w/v-10 as well as the Powerstroke and (2)Full-size Dodges. I currently own a Chevy 1500 at a vacation property and an 04 F-150. Most of my truck uses are for hauling "stuff" like remodel items, furniture, my fire gear for my work, etc. I don't really "need" a truck, so due to the rising gas costs of driving one, I down-sized to a Ranger. (Still have the F-150...not worth trading in and it won't sell for what I'd like, so I'm keeping it for when I need it.) Anyway, the rebates and markdowns on the Ranger were so attractive, I bought one with the 2.3 motor,AT, and AC. The markdown from MSRP of almost $3K and $4,500 in rebates brought the out-the-door price with tax, license, etc. to exactly $13k!!! Tell me where you can buy a vehicle with an AT and AC with Ranger reliability and history for that? yes, it's a dinosaur, but I'm sick of paying for un-needed and over-priced gadgets like navigation, and buttons all over the place. The Ranger is a refreshing taste of the old days...simple dash, simple gauges, simple stereo, simple climate controls with 3 knobs, and no stupid blanks on the dash where other options/features can be located like the Toyota. I get an average of 25+ MPG so far based on 3 tanks and drive easy. The truck is comfortable and has a vinyl floor with cloth seat...no frills, and nothing extraordinary. That's what makes the Ranger extraordinary...is the fact is a time fighter...a throw back to the old days. Take a peak at the new F-150...it looks like a cockpit on the inside...crazy. I regret selling my old Jeep CJ-7, my old "Heavy Duty" Ford PU with older body style, and my old Land Rover Defender. One day the Ranger may change...the price will go up and all the gadgets will be surrounding you like in all the other Fords...buttons everywhere. Sorry...I just want to drive and feel pleased looking at simplicity. I got a 2nd Ranger for my son...no regrets!!!

2009 Ford Ranger

Review of 2009 Ford Ranger

Kevmosmom61 2008-10-21 20:32:39

What a great little truck. We average 31 MPG!!!. My husband does drive like my grandmother to maintain this average but to him it's a challenge. Our truck is a 2008 supercab; 4 cylinder; XLT. We just towed a 2000 pound trailer from Southern California to Charlotte, NC and we still averaged 25 MPG traveling the whole way on Interstate 40. This truck is nothing fancy *********** beats our full size Dodge at the pump. I know my husband would recommend this truck to everyone.

2009 Ford Ranger

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