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5.0 out of 5

Awesome Purchase

apdavis01 2009-06-11 16:16:05

I have a silver '03 Acura TL which I love more than you can imagine. Since my 17 (almost 18) yr old became a licensed driver & is always behind the wheel of my car I've been planning to get a new one later this year or first of next - hands down it would be an Acura RL. I was on my way to work the Thursday before the Memorial Day weekend when I took the service road that runs along side Robinson Brothers Ford and caught a glimpse of the 2010 Fusion. It resembled a 3 series BMW as I was passing it but seeing the front view - it could have easily been mistaken for an A4 Audi. On my way home, I stopped to get a closer look at the car when out ran this sales person whom I told I am just looking and won't be buying for a while. Right as I was driving off the lot, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this other car setting off to the side with big sale price letters in the windshield. It looked a little different from the 2010 Fusion but still I was intrigued. I pulled back around into the parking lot, walked over to it and instantly fell in love. It was a brand new '09 Fusion SEL V6 that was platinum white with black leather interior that had been marked down to $17k! I walked around to the window sticker and this car has every option you can imagine. Heated seats & windows, 6 disc changer, mp3 & USB inputs, keyless entry, remote start, sunroof, bluetooth and of couse the Sync & Sirius plus more. I called the salesman that I shooed away moments earlier to bring the key and once I sat in the car, it was over. I told him right on the spot I don't even need to test drive it, I want this car.... This car absolutely does more than satisfies, it excites. I literally can not wait to get in it & drive. It handles so well and drives amazingly. This car has kept me from missing my beloved TL and it only cost me a third of what I was going to spend for the RL. I don't know who got the better deal me or my son - I just know we're both really happy.

2009 Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion SE

AOL user 2009-05-27 08:53:39

Wow! I love this car. I did not buy this car under the best *************. I went in looking at an 06 version that was on the lot, but after the discounts and trade-in this car became more affordable. The interior is excellent, I love the way it excellerates and the sound sytem is great as well. I wished I had gotten the Sync system, but the 6-disc changer and Sirius more than makes up for not having it. I would recommand this car to anyone who loves to drive because you will never want to get out of it. I picked this over the Charger and Nissan because I loved the horse power associated with this particular car and would not trade if for the world.

2009 Ford Fusion

Review of 2009 Ford Fusion

fnevans98 2009-04-29 09:29:14

Without question this is the best vehicle I ever owned. F. Evans, Bridgewater, Virginia

2009 Ford Fusion

red Fusion Se sport appearance

AOL user 2009-04-25 20:17:31

I just got my Fusion a few days ago and so far I'm thrilled and happy with my decision. So much to like about this affordable sedan. Though the car itself is great allow me to talk about the sizzle. Ford features SYNC and in most new cars 6 months of free SIRIUS radio, and a 6 CD changer. I'm so entertained I could drive for ever! I haven't even programmed my IPOD yet which I can do as part of SYNC. And it's all voice activated, hands free. I know I'm talking fluff, but boy it's good fluff. So, if you're thinking about buying American this time around please go check out your local FORD dealership and test drive a Fusion today.

2009 Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion a home run for FORD

hunter360 2009-04-03 08:36:09

My wife and I had purchased a used Nissan Altima a few years ago and I have never been happy with the car or myself for purchasing a foreign make. I realized for some time that the day was coming to make a trade because the Altima was literally falling apart around us, the clear coat was coming off the paint, and the drivers side window kept falling out of its track. That alone was costing us 300. dollars to repair each time. Let me get to the point of the Ford Fusion. As soon as we saw it we loved it, it is well built and looks great. The advances they have made as far as driver features is amazing, the ambient lighting, the cup holders in the door, and not only the Ipod connection but the seamless operation into the stereo system. Another feature you will love is the SYNC system, now I know what you are thinking, probably the same thing I was, "Microsoft, oh that is going to crash" but let me put your mind at ease, it works great! The bluetooth hands free calling is what I love best. So in closing please consider a Ford Fusion before you settle for an Altima or any other foreign make.

2009 Ford Fusion

Best Ford Ever

Jms102849 2009-03-01 17:24:36

My Trusty Jeep Cherokee with the I-six engine was starting to show signs of weariness after our 10 year relationship. My commute was getting longer so I realized that I should probably look for a newer vehicle that would offer a more secure sense of reliability. Gas prices had broken the $4.00 dollars per gallon mark when I started looking so that kind of left a new Jeep out of the search criteria. For several weeks I did exhaustive research online to determine what would best suit my needs. I loved the comfort of my daughters Nissan Altima and having had two Nissans in years past had faith in their reliability. I had basically decided on a 2009 NIssan Altima Hybrid and then I came across an article that gave reference to the Ford Fusion beating out Toyota and Honda in build quality for 2009. That got my attention, as I have had many Fords since 1970, so I figured I would check out the AWD Fusion. I am so glad that I did!! One test drive later I was picking out a color. I decided on Metallic Silver. What a good choice that turned out to be as I get so many compliments Bottom Line Folks is: This car will go through snow like my Jeep used to. The car has impressive performance; acceleration and handling is spot on!! My gas mileage is within the parameters stated , especially given my driving style. The ride is smooth and comfortable and relatively quiet, there is a noticeable "growl" from the engine when you step on it, but I enjoy that, and the six speed auto transmission is absolutely "FLAWLESS"! I could not be happier with my Fusion AWD

2009 Ford Fusion

2009 Ford Fusion SE

AOL user 2009-02-21 11:51:06

We had planned to buy a Hyundai Sonata during the winter sometime but were hastened in our decision by the death of our Blazer. We decided to look at American cars, trying to be good Americans, and looked at Ford Fusion and Chevy Malibu. This is a GREAT car! We were concerned about traveling in it as our other car is Mercury Grand Marquis and has been a great travel car. However, we chose to drive the Fusion on our annual winter trip south and this car handled beautiflly. We thought we might find it tedious to drive as the Merc drives itself pretty much. No problem! The cargo space was surprisingly ample for our golf clubs and plenty of luggage. We even added a new desk chair before the trip home. There is plenty of room in both the front and back. When the Merc dies eventually, we will certainly look first at another Fusion or whatever replaces it in the Ford line. No regrets about passing on the Hyundai or Chevy.

2009 Ford Fusion

Review of 2009 Ford Fusion

AOL user 2008-12-27 20:51:32

I bought the V6 SEL and I love everything about this car. The interior is comfortable and allows plenty of room for those riding in the back seat. It handles well and provides a smooth ride. Gas mileage has been great.

2009 Ford Fusion

very happy with this car Fusion SEl 2009 AWD 6 cyl model

ZAZA 890 2008-10-11 07:56:15

this car is lovely in redfire metallic. (she adores red cars) we opted for the AWD option since we get a lot of ice and snow during the winter in the NE US areas where we drive. i find this car drives and feels a lot like the Subaru WRX my nephew has, except that our car has ROOM enough for a crowd. while I might change the characteristics of the 6 speed auto transmission (it hunts to the highest gear very quickly and doesn't offer a manual auto mode) , the overall experience in this very affordable car is pleasing. we had (and just traded) a Pontiac G6 GTP when the Fusion was available. the only thing that car had over the Ford was more HP, but the cost to get the Pontiac this year was more than a few thousand, and it wasn't the AWD option. the interior is very appealing. seats are superb and give great side support which is welcome. Ford can't sell the special seat treatment with an AWD car which sort of baffles me but...that's their plan. we are getting 19 mpg around town which is in line with the advertised city mileage. haven't had any issues with this car. the SEL package adds a welcome option set. she gets compliments on this cars good looks daily. we try to lease our cars. and, assuming they still offer this car in 3 years, we will be a repeat buyer. there is talk that Ford may offer more hybrid selections on this model and i would try a hybrid Fusion. can't wait to see how the auto industry works new technologies into this car. it is a very good driving experience and we are very happy with ours.

2009 Ford Fusion

2008 Ford Fusion

Mtdude4075 2008-08-07 17:17:14

This is a fantastic vehicle. I previously owned a 2005 Ford Taurus and this car is a step ahead! I have the SEL V6 with all wheel drive. This car accelerates almost seamlessly and handles like it is a sports car! I could not of asked for more, a comfortable, refined sedan that also gets 25+ miles per gallon! Would reccommend to anyone!

2009 Ford Fusion

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