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4.5 out of 5

oil burner

2010-11-27 13:05:58


2009 Dodge Challenger

Everywhere you go people will stare

2010-08-28 18:34:16

The Challenger is tons of FUN to drive. It handles like a Charger or any other large car but the number of people who stare and wave will make you forget about that. Even with the SE model, performance is great. The 3.5L V-6 is fantastic and with an after-market exhaust it roars louder than a V-8. If you want to be noticed everywhere you go the Challenger is the car for you.

2009 Dodge Challenger

Review of 2009 Dodge Challenger

2010-08-17 19:52:10

I may have bought it used but I still love it. I had a 1970 Challenger and three 1969 Chargers in the past. I am just so happy Dodge brought this classic back with the style of yesteryear. I wish the Charger looked more retro.I think they really killed that car with what they did over the years to it. I drive the car back and forth to work so I decided the SE would suit my needs but if I could have I would have gone with the R/T. I love the room the interior has and the stereo system sounds great. The suspension is great. Had to get used to being so high up again (was used to a Sebring and a Corvette which were both much lower to the ground). What I think I love the most is how people's heads turn when I cruise by. Even grocery shopping has people standing around the car in parking lots.

2009 Dodge Challenger

A 30+ year pickup driver never thought I would ever buy a car again

2009-12-06 02:45:04

Ignore the negative reviews on this car. Those kids have no clue. Dodge smacked it out of the park with this one. It's everything all the other 5 star raters have mentioned. The compliments, attention, mileage, performance, handling, comfort, and modern technology. Wife has a bad back, and loves the comfort of the seat. Would prefer a power seat on passenger side, and a tilt forward drivers seat. If I had a complaint it would have to be that FINALLY I have a cool car the seats fold down in, accessing the trunk, but drive-in movies no longer exist! WHY DID THEY WAIT SO LONG? This car has the performance of yesteryear, but double the mileage, plus the modern technology both in gadgets and engineering. AND, it has air conditioning!! I retired from Law Enforcement, have been through driving schools, and done some driving in my day. This car is incredible! It handled everything I threw at it with ease. Nothing I drove during my career compared to the way the SRT8 handles in performance and precision driving. WELL DONE CHRYSLER! Several friends and relatives drove it, very impressed with it. Quiet, nice stereo, and the subtle rumble of muscle. Most commented on the torque under partial acceleration, and every one of them backed off the accelerator within a couple seconds after stomping it down from a 30 or so roll out. Scared em! IF ANYTHING IT'S ALMOST TOO FAST. In Michigan it can qualify you for a night in the county jail in about 8 seconds. Mustang and Camaro are sharp cars, but in my opinion, and numerous others, Challenger is the best retro look. Hands down more cabin room plus comfort for front and back seat passengers. We took an 8 hour trip, totally relaxed upon arrival not beat tired. Plenty of trunk for our luggage. 23 mpg at 70 on cruise control. Cruise control is a must, as mentioned in other reviews, very easy to speed and not realize it. (honest officer!) LOVE THE CAR.

2009 Dodge Challenger

Review of 2009 Dodge Challenger

2009-11-16 01:32:44

If looks were the only Factor it would still be the best car I've driven in years, Dodge really out done this one, performance, Looks and comfort who could ask for anything more.

2009 Dodge Challenger


2009-09-20 09:32:10

This is a remake of the old car made alot better. this car has excelent ride,performance,style.I don't see how anyone can compaire this to any mustang or camaro.The interior is larger than mustang and camaro.The 400H.P.will plant you in the seat with a high performance exhaust note. My SRT8 will gets 22 m.p.g.@75mph.WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT? You really have to keep eye on spedo because it goes alot faster than it feels with out floating or drifting like the old ones did.It is a real head turner where ever you go.Haven't had the first challenge yet by one of those mustangs or camaro's! Just be ready to get your doors blown off if you decide to jump on this !!

2009 Dodge Challenger

Mopar Vrs Camero

2009-09-01 12:10:26

The Mopars were the basis of the early drag races. It was the mighty 426 Hemi engine that paved the way to todays fuelers. What a legacy. My opinion is that Dodge is it attempt to stay viable in todays volitle car market, is marketing its smaller hemi engines. Now comes the Camaro challenge. Chevy has always dominated the small block market with horsepower. Big Blocks Mopar wins hands down, small blocks is another story. This is what a professional reviewer had to say about the Camero: The SS is humongously fast, so if you're driving it hard, you're way into the danger zone with the law.It wins the 2010 muscle car battle with the Dodge Challenger SRT8 and Mustang GT, hands-down, say the enthusiast mags. We all know its a horsepower and handling war. My opinion, you have Mopar enthuesists and of course Chevy people. I personally run Chevys, have all my life and my parents life. Its a choice running true to its roots. So of course I would go with Chevy on this one.

2009 Dodge Challenger

A must have muscle car !

2009-08-15 19:39:25

I own a red R/T 6 speed. It is fast and can smoke the tires off the wheels. It gets 26.5 mpg on the interstate. The challenger is a must have if you are over 6 feet tall and need a real back seat. I love the engine/exhaust sound. The keyless start will not work if the car has been parked in 90+ degree weather. Dodge should offer real chrome wheels instead of chrome clad (plastic) wheels. I give Dodge a 9.9/10.

2009 Dodge Challenger

2009 SRT8

2009-08-10 08:31:36

THis by far the best Mopar ever built. I have had a 68 GTX. 64 Fury with a 426 wedge motor. 73 Charger, and also have a 1967 GTX with 440. But I must say this is the BEST. You need to take a test drive.

2009 Dodge Challenger

2009 Challenger R / T

2009-07-22 17:37:36

Excellent sports car that handles well,fast and looks great.Every time I'm out with it,heads turn and other drivers pull next to me to give it a thumbs up.Dodge hit a home run with this model,along with the excellent quality.

2009 Dodge Challenger

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