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4.5 out of 5

new Sebring Limited

2009-04-03 18:29:14

Just picked up my Sebring Limited Sedan in Black w/dark gray leather interior. Very, very nice looking. I did not opt for any "extras" above what came with the Limited; it is pretty loaded already. Re: 4cyl, I fail to understand the complaints...once you get up to cruise speed (50mph) it is painless to move to 60/70 (or more) to pass on the highway. I don't feel it is underpowered and I previously had a turbo Jetta 1.8 (180hp). Re: noise, has anyone listened to the 4cyl Altima? It's a growler! I do not think Sebring is terribly noisy once on the road. The controls on this car are blessedly simple to figure out and operate. It is a very comfortable car & looks sharp! The employee price + rebate + 0% loan cannot be beat. I shopped Ford, GM, and VW and came back to Sebring...you cannot beat the value this car offers. Give it a spin!

2009 Chrysler Sebring

Rental in California

2009-03-30 22:20:45

Picked up a 2009 white convertible for a quick trip in Southern California while on vacation. Loved the easy top operation and great stock sound system. Floor it and there was more noise than motion, although not a lot of vibration. Averaged about 23 MPG with mostly hilly city driving. Excellent noise supression with the top up and thank god for the power adjustability of the drivers seat. As always the rental was washed on the outside, but rather dirty inside. Anybody ever hear of a moist towelette? Felt alot slower than my 200 Camry 4 banger.

2009 Chrysler Sebring


2009-03-01 18:21:04

Just bought my third Sebring and before that had Lca Baron. Got a 2008 in November the dealer cut 10 grand of the price frome the git go. it has alllllll the bells and whistles. Looks great gets great milage. It won't win a drag race but it goes good enough. My go fast days are way behind me. Turns a lot of heads and get a lot of nice comments. Downside: waiting for the first day of spring. P.S. the first day of spring is the day I can put the top down.

2009 Chrysler Sebring

Great Car

2009-01-23 08:26:28

This is really a great car. I don't understand the overly negative reviews from the WSJ and Consumers. The car is peppy with the 2.4l but I am not going to win any drag races. I am averaging 30+ on my highway commutes to work. It has handled the outrageous snow here in southeast Michigan. So I really have to give it a thumbs up. In the interest of full disclosure, the cruise was out from the start. Dealer ordered parts and it was fixed in a few hours. I am thrilled with this car and would recommend it to anyone.

2009 Chrysler Sebring

Selling a 1990 Zr1 Corvette for this 2008 Sebring Hardtop Convertible

2008-12-15 01:54:27

I would give 5 stars overall rating. Everthing form the interior/exterior styling is top rate. I want to drive this car with the top down 12 months a year and can with heated seats and a wonderful heater. The colors scheme's developed by Chrysler were directed toward a buyer who wants class - but not to "FLAUNT" it. I love everything about this care the way it looks outside, the way I feel inside, and it "gets up and goes' as needed.

2009 Chrysler Sebring

sporty little car...

2008-09-20 01:26:57

I was impressed with the gas mileage, however the engine is loud when you first turn the vehicle on, the vehicle has less than 2000 miles, and its very very loud?! The basic sound system is great! Overall its a beautiful little sporty car! Very cute!!! We love it...

2009 Chrysler Sebring

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