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3.5 out of 5

I own two, here's the good and bad.

The Oster 2018-10-08 20:00:43

Electric mode is awesome - but you can only go 4km/h and must accelerate super slow from stop or engine will turn on. I have a maroon and a grey one. Only two in my city of 100,000 people. In the winter the vehicle will not go in electric mode unless the vehicle has been driven for a long time (atleast 30 minutes and no idling does not count). The maroon Hybrid was in the shop all the time. So many times in fact that the Chrysler Engineers had to get involved three times. One part that had to be replaced would have cost $5000 they said if it wasnt under warranty, and it had to be made again because there were none in stock. Fuel economy wise it is awesome. We own both from new. They have 150,000km and 130,000km. They were used strictly for family traveling (We are a family of 5 with a big dog). They are used a little around the city. Biggest problem - They re now 9 years old and I know the Battery is going to die soon, It is a $5000-7000 battery. Resale valve is horrible because of this. Also both vehicles have a clicking sound coming from the timing chain. It looks like it is the tensioner. But unless I pay $2500 per vehicle to find out I will never know. Lesson learned about Hybrids. The battery will get you everytime.

2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

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TRIUMPH6PK 2008-08-31 11:31:25

When will this new Hybrid Aspen be in the showrooms so I can test drive one?

2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

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