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bh164 2010-10-28 15:04:34

ok bad news first the MPG'S isnt great and on the esv parking the behemouth can be tricky ... that aside the rear camera and parking assist make it a breeze to park this vehile and its 403 hp are awesome and it is the ultimate blvd cruiser it swallows tons of cargo and spanks sports sedans on highways all over the americas it is fast !!! the 6 spd tranny makes no excuses as it muscles this suv down the road. The stealth quiet of the cabin and great sound system, dvd, nav,and xm radio are all impressive then you ad the onstar wow its the uss enterpise revisited all wheel drive to take you where your heart and mind want to reach..... sheeesh... i need a cigarette...i also currntly own an LS430 i cant begin to tell you how happy i am to buy american again so far 17k miles and no problems whatsoever cadillac can sign me up for another tour of duty in this truck i am all in thank you gm

2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Finally - Renewed faith in GM vehicles.

AOL user 2009-05-17 21:46:33

I own a Toyota Prius. I prefer Japanese cars. However, no Japanese Hybrid vehicle weighs over 6000 lbs GVWR - which is a must so that I can take a Section 179 business deduction. The only hybrid vehicles that qualify are: the Hybrid Tahoe, Yukon, and Escalade. The 2010 Lexus 450h missed the minimum weight by just 30 lbs! Thus, I had no choice but to choose a GM vehicle. I hesitantly chose the 2009 Hybrid Escalade, and WOW! I am so glad I did! Benefits are numerous including: stylish looks that say "I'm money, I like green-technology, and is he single?," OnStar/MapQuest navigation, Bluetooth calling, mirrors that warn you if a vehicle is in your blindspot, 6 disc-DVD, back-up camera with proximity sensors galore, small turning radius. Construction quality is tight - nothing loose or cheap looking. What's missing? Only 1 thing. I miss the SmartKey system of my Prius. The convenience of opening and closing the doors and starting the car - without having to remove the keys from your pocket - is the ultimate. And my Prius has it. One more thing: some have said that the lack of a headphone jack in the front console like the Hybrid Yukon/Tahoe have is a weakness. However, the Hybrid Escalade has a video/L/R RCA jacks in the back console. The advantage of having it in the back console is that you never have to see the wire as it runs between the seat and console and to your iPhone. Plus you can hook up a PSP if you want! I'm American. I used to prefer Japanese cars. Not anymore.

2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

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