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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2008 Smart Fortwo

wrogalski 2010-06-21 21:59:29

i love my little car it great for what i use it for daily running around--when i need more vehical i take my ford 250 pickup but i hardly ever do ********* great little runabout i average 40 mile to gallion having put on almost 24,000 mile on it i buy another one for sure save me alot money and with me being 6'2 and 260 pounds i'm confortable in it. I see lot reviews written by people that don'r like small cars they shouldn't be writiing about this one it not for everyone but i sure like it. and i'd buy another-----

2008 Smart Fortwo

Review of 2008 smart fortwo

AOL user 2009-12-09 02:51:48

Bought our Smart Fortwo in April 2009. Went to Cerritos Smart Car Orphan Center and got a great deal on the new paint style. Didn't care for the bright colors I'd seen on the road. But the charcoal gray and black was real nice. Went for a test drive and was shocked that this little car has such good acceleration. It is really a fun car. I bought a flatbed trailer to haul it behind my motorhome and use it to commute when I get where I'm going. It gets 33-35 around town and 40 on the highway mpg. It will go 85-90 mph if you are in a hurry. I am 6'2" and 300 pounds the wife is 5'6" and 255 pounds. We sometimes take the smart over the ford mustang 'cause it is easier to get in and out of and is just as comfortable to sit in. I never had so many strangers come up to me and want to talk about a car. The smart turns heads everywhere and if you let strangers sit in it, they are amazed at the room they have in the car. Only drawback is no spare tire.

2008 smart fortwo

smart 2008 passion

bighrses 2009-10-18 22:37:32

I got over 16000 miles on mine and i just love it i average 40 miles to gallion and i've gotten as high as 45 mile to gallion when i drive it right--smiling--i'm big guy 6'2 260 and it bit tight with another big 250 pounder but i love it fun to drive, easy to park, easy on gas and i live on ranch and i can still put 150 pound feed in back, I also got big pickup which i hardly drive anymore, i've taken it on long trips and it be nice if they had cruse control-- and it go 95 on open express way--smiling-- i would surly buy another one the hardest thing was mounting gun rack on back window and keeping it there keeps fallen off anyone else have same problem? i got sucksion cups and have used super glue to hold them in place, it heavey rifle 45-70 weights 7 pounds and living on ranch on gravel road it get alot shaking- its great little car sure glad i bought it. it not family car, but if your like me and in car 95% time alone going to store and doing general running around its ************* you money on gas and insurance. You set high and tend to go fast because it doesn't seam like your going so fast. I'd recommand it to anyone that wants car to go to work and to grocey store and just general running around. its not for everyone ************ me just great--it very confrotable and air conditioner/heater work great, and paddle shiffters are awesome the big doors and high sitting position is great for big guy like me to get in out of. its just plan fun to me

2008 smart fortwo

A Wonderful Car!

AOL user 2009-10-03 18:21:31

I love my Smart Fortwo car! I've had it for a year now, and it's been so much fun to drive. The dealership in Denver has been so helpful in making sure I'm satisfied with my vehicle. They not only replaced the radio console when I discovered it didn't play the MP3, but they actually gave me a free upgrade! Also, they replaced the transmission feature making it easier to shift from automatic to the standard. I've taken this car around cities and on highways, and I get great gas mileage. I find it easy to drive and keep up with all the other vehicles on the highway. You do hear some highway noise, ******** not much different than my Chevy truck. The only thing that is hard is that the seats do get a bit uncomfortable on LONG highway trips (anything over 500 miles). Otherwise, the seats are roomy and there is a lot of storage behind the seats. I love the sun/moon roof. It just makes driving more fun. The car is excellent in handling tight curves and drives just fine on mountain roads. I love it's size. There really isn't much at all that I don't like about this car. I'd recommend it to anyone.

2008 Smart Fortwo

Smart for 2 is a Great Car

gmanmba97 2009-04-08 14:13:28

Got it as an orphan from Winston-Salem Mercedes in October 2008. We absolutely love this car. Plenty of power, the most fun I've had with clothes on as an adult. We bought it and the first place we did was we stopped at Sam's Club, that's an optimist for you. We hauled everything bulky we needed with room to spare. My 85 pound Chinook, Maggie rides in comfort in the back storage tray. How can you not love a car that brings smiles to total strangers. Drove it 600 miles to Indiana from NC, through the mountains with plenty of power, great handling and just a blast to drive. We got 40+ miles per gallon, filled it once on the trip. I'm 6'1" and 320 and I ride in comfort. Love the heated leather seats. We can't go anywhere without somone stopping us for info on the Smart. We keep info sheets from the dealer in the glove. If GM, Ford or Chrysler had the foresight to design and market a Smart car they wouldn't be going bankrupt. The engineering is fantastic. The convertible top operation is idiot proof, takes just seconds to raise or lower. It can be opened at highway speed because the top glides on a track. I hope the electric model out in 2010 is as nice as this model is. Charlie and Sue--Smart Car Owners and proud of it.

2008 Smart Fortwo

Review of 2008 Smart Fortwo

robertfs39 2009-03-23 16:22:43

Got it last December 08. Was on the list well over a year. Became impatient and got $99 back. Bought an "orphan" new in Atlanta. Enjoy it every day. Gets lots of looks and great gas mileage at 39 mph. Plenty of room for two old people, a Bichon and several sacks of groceries. If you're impatient like we were, call Buckhead Mercedes Atlanta. A great dealer!

2008 Smart Fortwo

Fast, Fun and economical

HRART 2009-02-04 21:12:51

Have had it for 10 months and have 18,000 miles. Handles fantastic on city streets and interstate highways. No problems at all. Hit a large dog and damages fender grill and other parts. Fixed all for $250.00. Can't say enough good about the car. love it

2008 Smart Fortwo

Should change the name to "Fun Car"

Exonic Jay 2009-01-08 09:49:20

This car is all about fun. I first drove one in Italy back in 2004. I loved driving it then and even more so now. I use it daily and have had no problems so far. Inside space is more spacious then expected. Heated seats are the best I have ever owned.

2008 Smart Fortwo

a ton of fun and smart too

AOL user 2009-01-03 17:38:07

I bought my smart fortwo passion a month ago. I had seen some on the road in Connecticut last summer, but had never seen one close up. There is no smart dealer in southern Oregon. Local Mercedes dealer had an orphan from Portland on display and I went with the wife to look at it. Took a test drive and bought it. What a kick to drive. Very roomy inside and very comfortable seats. Good safety ratings and electronic traction control. I like the advanced design and electronic engine controls. I am installing an upgraded EEC module for trottle control which will, with the addition of cold air induction, increase horsepower 10% and improve acceleration. Other than that the darn smart is really fun. I love the thing and go on more trips than ever just to drive it. 5 stars in my book, and I got it with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty that cover everything except wipers, brake shoes/pads, and light bulbs. Even covers towing to a smart dealer over 300 miles away.

2008 Smart Fortwo

I've had the first since April 2006!

Buggymaker 2008-12-11 18:28:08

I fell in love with these little cars when I first saw them in Germany in 2000. I followed them on the internet religiously, waiting for them to come across the pond. I purchased my for-two in April 2006 from a dealership in Florida that acquired them from ZAP in California. Thanks to ZAP, I bought the first new passion cabrio sold in the US. What’s not to like? With my factory cruise control I installed myself, I’m ready to ride. Urban vehicle my foot! I’ve gotten as much as 50 mpg and driven it from Knoxville, Tennessee as far south as St. Augustine and as far north as Chicago. My only complaint is the ticket I got in Chicago for parking with the back wheels against the cub in a parallel parking space! Laws weren't written with this vehicle in mind (must be facing direction of traffic in Chicage)! Loaded with extras, it has USA’s highest safety rating. My wife and I throw in two small suitcases with room to spare, and we're off. The ride is unbelievable. It's more comfortable than my Grand Vitara on long trips. As for suggestions it can’t stand the winds, don't assume anything until you've driven it. You'll rapidly be convinced. I pass semis at 75 mpg, and it doesn’t move. ABS, ESP, and a bunch of other acronyms make this car an engineering icon. It’s a shame smart had to cut European corners, though, to cater to Americans’ Walmart mentality. Get one of the European Mercedes models if you can find one regardless of the price!

2008 smart fortwo

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