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4.5 out of 5

What I expected from Volvo

2008-07-20 08:45:29

Fantastic small car from Volvo. Getting used to the size difference from an S60, but the acceleration is amazing. Tires do not do the car justice though and do not hold the road when pushing the car to its limits. The climate package is well worth it and the rain sensors are fantastic. You get a lot of attention with this model (it is new). Just wish those of us that bought a V2 got the R designation on the car as the '09 buyers will since we have essentially the same car. If you drive gentily, you can avg a good 25 mpg...race it and it sucks gas. They recommend premium, but it does fine on plus.

2008 Volvo C30

worth the wait

2007-12-07 07:54:37

ordered the car in Sept and it arrived on its own truck from Sweden. Very solid performance in snow and Volvo has made it easy to navigate.

2008 Volvo C30

Review of 2008 Volvo C30

2007-12-05 10:29:00

2008 Volvo C30

Good vehicle

2007-12-03 06:53:00

This is a good model ever seen

2008 Volvo C30

Not Your Mom's Volvo

2007-11-06 08:26:00

Solid, very comfortable, sporty car. Nothing boxy about it. 2.0, fun, peppy, and safe. Interior doesn't have the feel of a small car, Very quiet. Satellite Radio and butt warmers are like sitting in a recliner. Plenty of room in the back seat. 6 speed cruises nicely. Visibility is super. Great for zipping around town and going on a trip. Easy car to drive.

2008 Volvo C30

volvo C-30

2007-08-22 05:31:50

Drove both versions of this car .version 2 is the way to go.Loved this car very solid with decent performace .many choices available to make the car your own.Cost is around 30K with nice options overpriced by about 4 grand .Others cars with equal feature are in the 24 th 27 K range

2008 Volvo C30

Review of 2008 Volvo C30

2007-08-02 02:21:33

2008 Volvo C30

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