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Review of 2008 Toyota Sequoia

2010-01-22 10:05:27

When I bought my 2008 sequoia it came with a 2006 version of navigation system DVD and I made complaint with Tom Wood in Indianapolis dealership and they have a lot of excuses that there's is no 2008 version that came with the 2008 and that there's a new update but the roads in Indiana are not right. I just got tired asking them and when I got your flyers about a updated version 2009 to 2010 although I have the right to have 2008 version I need to pay 223.00 for the new version. Is it right to pay something that you should have in the first place? I feel that I'm robbed. I bought a truck for close to 60000.00. An also you can not search for a new destination if the car is running. The voice activation recognize a certain accent and if you a different accent you can hardly communicate with your navigation system by voice.

2008 Toyota Sequoia

2008 Sequoia Review

2009-04-08 12:06:28

We have recently added a new addition to our family and we needed something bigger. We are not the type to spend $50,000 on a vehicle, but after shopping around the Sequioa was the onlt way to go. I am 5 feet 3 inches tall as was very worried about driving a vehicle that was so big. I handles great and the back up sensors are perfect! We opted for captains chairs instead of a bench seat for the second row. I works great since we have car seats in the chairs and other people can fit through to get into the back easliy! This is by far the best purchase we have ever made! I love my Sequioa! The only negative is that I still struggle going through the bank drive thru!

2008 Toyota Sequoia

Simply the best available

2008-12-27 16:40:43

I have owned several SUVs with varying degrees of satisfaction. The Sequoia is hands down the best I've ever owned or seen. Handling, ride, comfort are outstanding. The power is astounding. I cannot imagine there being a better combination of spaciousness, power, technology, and overall quality out there. The only possible correction that I could suggest is that it probably should have been produced under the Lexus name.

2008 Toyota Sequoia

I've owned at least 12 SUV's and this is the best yet.

2008-11-10 09:25:04

I bought a 2008 Sequoia Platinum and its wonderful. My wife has a 2001 Sequoia SR5 that we bought new. It has 110,000 totally trouble free miles. Not one problem just oil changes, tires and a timing belt at 100k. Since buying her Sequoia back in 2001 I have bought a 2001 Grand Cherokee and it needed the front axle rebuilt. The rear axle rebuilt. And a new transmission all in the first 3 months. Then I went through a Durango, a Expedition, 2 Yukon's, 3 Suburban's, an Avalanche, a 2004 Hummer that G.M. bought back from me and lastly a 2007 Yukon XL Denali. What a piece of crap. it was in the dealer 14 times in 17 months. And G.M. just bought back a friend of mines because it had to be towed to the dealer 5 times. My problems were not that serious but it was hard to live with a new $58,000 truck that had rattles creaks and terrible road noise compared to my wifes 7 year old Sequoia. The final straw was when the horn would not blow unless you pushed hard in just the right place and the horn cover fit very unevenly. The dealer replaced the hole assembly once and it was no better. The rear cargo shade squeeked on every bump. The front shock squeeked. The rear air suspension compressor went out. And on and on 14 trips later the G.M. rep said they would not do anything about the horn and steering wheel cover fit. I invited him to walk next door to the Toyota dealer and see if he we could find ONE horn or cover that were not perfect! He declined to walk with me. So I drove my Denali there and traded it in. I live in metro Detroit and this town is dying because 30 years of inferior products have slowly killed the Big 3. Yes their are other factors you can blame the unions, you can blame management, you can blame legacy costs. But the fact is if you build a superior car that people WANT to buy, and not because their is $5000 of incentives, then you can charge a slight premium over your competitors. Anyone remember when japanese cars cost less? Now its the other way around!

2008 Toyota Sequoia

Sequoia evaluation

2008-10-25 09:52:27

Excellent quality vehicle, ride, and protection. I survived a 40 mph side impact on the passengers side with my 2007 Sequoia with only a bruised left knee where my knee hit the drivers door. Only downside is the fuel economy which is better than most trucks and SUV's. Safety is one of the most important things to me so I bought a new 2008 Sequoia this year and continue to be very happy! The steering is the most noticible imporvement in 2008, much smaller turning radius than the 2007. The back up monitor and sensors are great. The push button and key remote opening of the back hatch is nice. I love it! Things I would like the Sequoia to have in the future would be a remote start and flex fuel engine. Safe driving everyone! Mark

2008 Toyota Sequoia

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