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5.0 out of 5

Review of 2008 Toyota Highlander

AOL user 2011-01-08 13:22:39

2008 Toyota Highlander

Love the Highlander

AOL user 2009-03-06 13:23:47

This is my first SUV. So far I love it. It got the basic model, because paying 7000 grand more for leather, DVD and rear view camera is too much. Sound system is decent. Interior is great, space is the best in the front and rear. Driving this car is fun and gas millage is the best. Drive it, buy it and own it.

2008 Toyota Highlander

Highlander Limited AWD - Great SUV

AOL user 2008-12-21 22:45:43

If you are looking for a SUV that is easy to drive, good on the road for trips, and can pull a boat - you need to consider this vehicle. One of the smoothest and quietest SUV's on the road today, much quieter than my wife's 2005 Lexus RX 330 AWD. Mine is loaded with virtually evrything you can order, except a rear DVD player - Navigation and Blue Tooth is much better than my wife's SUV. I have had the car for almost 2 months, and gas mileage is about what I was told - 17-18 in town, and 21-22 on the hwy.

2008 Toyota Highlander

Best Car Ever

Domiunica 2008-11-22 10:43:30

My husband and I had a Ford Explorer before the Highlander and this car is by far a better car. It's better on gas and is a lot smoother. I would not change the Highlander for any other car. At first, i had told my husband to go for the Rav4 b/c of the price, but i'm glad we went for the bigger car.

2008 Toyota Highlander

Review of 2008 Toyota Highlander

AOL user 2008-11-01 18:12:55

Awesome vehicle!!!! I don't spend my life at the garage now that I buy Toyota's .....I will NEVER...NEVER....buy another ford. My husband has a 4 Runner, my son just bought a Camery, I have my highlander.....They are perfect! The U.S. auto makers better get it together.Or they'll sink!!!

2008 Toyota Highlander

Love our Highlander

RBRgburns 2008-10-16 00:10:19

Super vehicle. Exterior finish, component fit and interior detail is excellent. Love the ride, comfort, driving ease and smooth feel on the road. Love going to the market or going on long trips in our Highlander. Its so roomy and comfortable. Having driven Camry on rental use I wanted a Camry, but wife was insisting on Highlander. She was right. This vehicle is a dream to drive and ride in. Visibility is excellent. Quality is truly outstanding.

2008 Toyota Highlander

The Best Choice I Could Have Made

Jengogirl17 2008-09-20 12:23:38

If your looking to buy the Toyota Highlander, do it! After owning more Fords then I care to count, I got fed up with supporting my mechanic. So when I was looking for my first brand new car I really did some research. I knew I wanted a Toyota simply because of their reputation for reliability. I am so happy I did the homework because as soon as I went on Toyota's website I fell in love with the Highlander. I was initially looking at the 4 Runner but the Highlander was so much more spacious inside. Much more comfortable, not to mention prettier. ;-) I am so pleased with my choice. I bought the Limited in Blizzard Pearl..a hot car let me tell you! With the Limited I got all of the features I wanted. If you are in the market for a new vechicle, check this one out! I promise, you won't be disappointed.

2008 Toyota Highlander

Review of 2008 Toyota Highlander

2008-02-21 01:31:04

2008 Toyota Highlander

Excellent Choice -- New Highlander 2008

2007-10-29 09:47:43

Just picked it up last week. We considered the Lexus RX350 -- but the Highlander had a smooth ride, all the features ..navigation, DVD, etc. and less expensive than a comparable Lexus RX350. The Blizzard White is the same color they use on the Lexus SUV -- very nice. Traded a Toyota Avalon and Jeep in for a combo car/SUV vehichle and we are happy with the Toyota quality...

2008 Toyota Highlander


2007-10-24 12:23:25

I do not own one, but I plan to soon! I test drove one, and I fell in LOVE. It handles so well and it's pretty peppy on the road. The interior features are great and it's not too complicated. The seats in front and back are very comfortable and the cargo space in the back is very roomy. I plan on buying one at the end of this year!

2008 Toyota Highlander

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