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4.5 out of 5


2015-10-18 01:08:37

I bought an 08 Solara convertible. And 3 months after I got it after I put the roof down a few times I started noticing tears and the back glass coming off. Since then I found about 2 inches of water where the spare tire is!! This car only has 60000 miles and I bought it in 2014.. I have always wanted as Solara convertible and decided to get one after I previouzly owned a 2004 Lexus Rx 300..& had no problems with which is why I stuck with toyota! I am now regretting this purchase bc I forsee major expences dumped into it..and I'm a single woman and most dealers do not take me serious and gauge me with repairs and pricing..ugh! Any leads or recall issues with the convertables?? Any info or lead would be appreciated. Thx

2008 Toyota Camry Solara

best bang for the buck

tc2b7teen 2010-03-29 06:18:44

first convertible, looked at others, love the look wish they would continue to make them. also have a sport model in pearl white. havent seen any in my area with sport package, no problems with this car .just love it

2008 Toyota Camry Solara

The best Car I have ever had!!

maise35442 2009-10-31 10:17:52

Hey guys, I bought the Solora the first year is came out in 1999. I am still driving it after 10 years, has 240,000 miles and I would not be afraid to drive from Alabama to California in it. Buy one while you can......How I wish they would not stop producing them. Just sporty, safe, drives great, gets good gas mileage and never really seems to go out of style.

2008 Toyota Camry Solara

This car is awesome!

AOL user 2009-04-06 21:08:59

I got my 2008 Solara Convertible in February, and so far, I couldn't be happier! The car is comfortable, and easy to drive. The lines of the car are gorgeous, and there is lots of room in the trunk. One big surprise - even though it's a convertible, the ride is really quiet. I expected to have to tolerate some wind noise with the cloth top - but I needn't have worried! This is my 1st convertible (at age 48) and my only regret is that I waited so long to get one!

2008 Toyota Camry Solara

My dream car

AOL user 2009-04-04 08:17:02

I bought my Solara Coupe 8 months ago and love, love, love it. I've had no problems with it. It drives like a dream and handled great in the snow. Its the best car I have ever owned. Lots of space and the trunk is very large. I don't understand why Toyota would discontinue it.

2008 Toyota Camry Solara

Love it

njchuck 2009-04-02 03:16:50

my 08 has about 35,000 only problem early on was a battery replacement. Compared all others in its price range and this had the most rear passenger room. i cant believe Toyota is discontinuing it. GET ONE WHILE YOU CAN...IT WILL BE A CLASSIC.

2008 Toyota Camry Solara

Solara Convertible

AOL user 2009-03-30 11:22:43

We have owned our 08 now 6 mos and love it! One problem is be very careful when cleaning dashboard.Only use a soft cloth and rub gently as the dash damaged easily.

2008 Toyota Camry Solara

Amazing Car!

Dadyzgorgeousgrl 2008-11-25 22:42:45

Got mine a few months ago, excellent buy! Best car I've ever owned, also...even though it's only 2 doors, it's very roomy both front and back! Even has anchors for baby seats! <3 Buy it while it's still here!! Got it fully loaded, and love it fully loaded!

2008 Toyota Camry Solara

Review of 2008 Toyota Camry Solara

Mtntreepriest 2008-10-28 13:59:50

I have enjoyed my Solara more than any other car that I have ever know. It has had it's quirks though. The spring in the console compartment was the first thing to go. After only a year, the clear plastic over the radio crystalizes. Rubbing compound seems to ********* back in shape...for now. I've also found that the pearl type paint chips very easily on the road. Every five fill-ups or so, I have to use high test gas to keep it running smoothly. On the good side, I get much better mileage than advertized. The blue tooth phone connection is a real plus for those who need to talk on the phone while on the road. It has a VERY smooth ride compared to other cars. Other than those things I mentioned, I love this car.

2008 Toyota Camry Solara


Jhcrom 2008-10-05 09:07:00


2008 Toyota Camry Solara

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