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5.0 out of 5

My 4th 4Runner

2009-04-19 09:59:04

Recently bought a new 2008. Previously owned a 1985, 1991 & 1994. The 94 had 280,000 and still ran good. With all the special pricing and rebates I paid the same for the 2008 SR5 automatic as I did for the 94 SR5 5speed. Nice interior improvemeents. Always has a great resale value.

2008 Toyota 4Runner

Great SUV

2009-04-12 08:52:08

Owned a Ford Expedition and there is no comparision the Toyota is a better built vehicle inside and out. The 4-runner is not so big that other in the family are not scarded to drive it like they were with the Expedition because it was so big. When it comes time to trade it in, which will not be anytime soon would get another one. Toyota keep up the good work.

2008 Toyota 4Runner

Like everything Toyota build - Good Solid Value

2008-07-14 12:38:07

My gal bought one and it's been great. A good solid SUV with pretty good milage for that class. I can't wait ti take it on a road trip. I own a Celica GT-S myself and love it. I only wish they still made them -- them or a Celica Supra. Get with it Toyota, or the next car I buy from you will run on hydrogen, because they last that long. Some I'm amazed to still see on the road. My best friend's Tacoma should be in a coma, but it keeps going like that battery bunny. My gal's parents Carolla is held together paint and prayer, ************ runs.

2008 Toyota 4Runner

Review of 2008 Toyota 4Runner

2008-05-05 11:59:19

This is my third silver 4 Runner in a row. Why change a good thing!

2008 Toyota 4Runner

Review of 2008 Toyota 4Runner

2007-10-03 08:51:44

A couple months I saw a 2008 Toyota 4Runner in Road and Track and on this same web page and I can assure that the one you have displayed is NOT by a long shot the same one I saw earlier. It was a new redesigned Toyota 4Runner for 2008. Where is it?

2008 Toyota 4Runner

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