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5.0 out of 5

SCION TC, A car that is HARD to beat!

2010-10-29 13:33:13

I now have over 36,000 miles on my 2008 TC and it is still like brand new! Not a rattle or problem one. They say this car is geared to the younger market. They should say, "The young at heart" market. I am in my 60's and driving it is as much fun as driving my first Mustang in 1966! It is SPORTY, fun to drive, with the back seats folded down the hatchback gives it a ton of carrying space. I am a large guy and it very comfortable for me and my petite wife. The gas milage with my car has always been closer to 30 mpg than 20 and highway milage is always in the 30 mpg range. I give it a 4 star rating on preformance only because I think a 5 star rating should be reserved for Porches and Vettes. It is very peppy and I understand the 2011's are even more so. If anyone is wanting to buy an extremely high quality car, at an extremely low price considering what you ger for your money, the Scion TC CAN NOT BE BEAT! I can't wait to buy another one in 2012!

2008 Scion tC

2008 scion tc

2010-04-13 04:46:52

the touring coupe (tc) is the perfect blend of style and functionality. Easy to customize through dealer or aftermarket parts. If you are looking for power, outside of turbo charging this car, you'll find it lacking. 161 stock hp isnt bad for the price so dont forget to add a cold air intake and exhaust. NOW you're up to par! this car was marketed with young adults in mind, the center console hides a Ipod port for easy control through the stereo system. there are so many wonderful things to say about the TC but id rather erge you to own one yourself to find them out. trust me this car is well worth every penny you spend. enjoy!

2008 Scion tC

I love my car!!!

2007-09-03 07:52:00

I love this car.. When I first saw it.. I had to get it. After I got it.. I loved it even more. I love happy endings.

2008 Scion tC

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