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4.5 out of 5

The Sky's the Limit

2009-11-02 20:53:26

When I first saw the Saturn Sky, I knew I had to have one. Once I test drove it, I bought it. This is one awsome little car. It will hold hard turns at incredible speeds. This car is a total joy to drive, not to mention a real head turner. Take it to some hilly stwisty roads and feel the rush.

2008 Saturn Sky


2009-07-17 12:22:36

Own a silver pearl redline with every factory option available. Would not trade or sell for ANY vehicle made..no not even Benz! Owned many 'fun' cars, from Z06 Vette to Caddy XLR. This little 'juicer' has it ALL! Performance, roadability, 'head turner' and QUALITY..no squeeks, no rattles! Solid when shutting door. You'll have someone walking around it when you return from parking it! Only negative is with top down can't fit pair of panties in 'trunk'. No matter, MY FUN, FAST LOOKER!

2008 Saturn Sky

I Love my car!!!!

2009-03-29 14:27:41

I bought my Sky in July and totally fell in love with the first time I drove it. The handling is incredible. It hugs the road and has power and pick up you can't believe. It has plenty of room for us tall people. My legs are completely staright when I clutch, which is a good thing, because who feels like being squished. This is my first ever convertible and boy, I certainly picked the best car for ******* such a fun car to drive and it certainly turns heads. All I have to do is stop at a red light and people on the street comment on what a beautiful car it is. And they are absolutely right. I love my "Baby Car" and just can't wait to go out and drive it.

2008 Saturn Sky

Just bought the Sky

2009-03-06 21:14:43

I love my Sky. Trunk space is a problem but didn't buy it for long trips, bought it for fun. Doors could close more tightly but it is a solid ride. I have a rattling in the rear, but the dealer guaranteed me it could be fixed. Overall it handles well. Very agile on curves and responsive. Put your foot into the 260 HP turbo and you feel like you're in a rocket. Color is yellow and I call it the BEE, but boy does it get the looks. Suspension is solid and while you feel the road, the bumps are cushioned with the suspension system more than other roadsters. I only have 30o miles on it, but it reminds me of a retro corvette in its styling and lines. Great value for the money. Looking to have lots of fun in driving this sporty, sexy car. The monsoon speaker system is awesome and the lines on this car are incredible with the top down. You can't go wrong for the money in performance and styling. GM would be foolish to get rid of this car line. Rock ON Saturn Sky!

2008 Saturn Sky

How I love my Saturn Sky

2008-10-31 22:52:28

I have a BMW but my Saturn Sky is my Fun car. Its fast,handles well and I feel its as good as the BMW but cheaper and more reasonable. I'm glad I have this car.

2008 Saturn Sky


2008-10-01 01:02:46

Bought a Saturn Sky and my lower back was killing me in this car. The dealer would not tak eit back less then 24 hours after purchasing it unless I gave them $2,000 they said! I contacted Saturn and they "did not" stand behind their dealer! Think about this before buying this car or any other Saturn!

2008 Saturn Sky

2008 Sky Redline!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rod and Judy

2008-07-19 09:06:33

We love it. More than exceeds our expectations. It is so much fun to drive and draws attention wherever we go. Just has it over a month and wish we purchased it earlier. Great car!!!!

2008 Saturn Sky

Great little car

2008-07-03 09:07:27

My new sky is 5 weeks old and it is the best car you can get. I bought the redline with all the options and you cannot beat the value. I keep getting the "A saturn are you kidding" remarks and I just smile and say you bet!! And for those of you interested, yes she is a daily driver and I take her to the supermarket, just leave those cases of water behind and you have plenty of room, let's face it, when you own one of these aren;t you just grabbing a bite to eat while you're out driving anyway.

2008 Saturn Sky

I love my sky

2008-06-23 09:35:56

I really love my sky! It is fun to drive - a real attention getter - Simply a wonderful car -

2008 Saturn Sky

2008 Redline

2008-01-25 04:58:27

Amazing car... Beats out the other convertibles on the market!

2008 Saturn Sky

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