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4.0 out of 5

Value at Give away prices

2010-02-16 21:22:41

The good: -exterior styling -Handling is super for its class -Brakes are super -hatchback -Standard options -Price- at under $12,000 new (MSRP $20,500) -Fun to toss around and unique. The OK; -Interior comfort -Gas mileage -power (from the 11 enigines options they have for this car in Europe, they did not make the best choice) -Information system (once you figure it out) -Cup holders (you are suppose to be driving not feeding your face) -Overall quality The not so good (but not real bad); -Engine technology is dated some, a little harsh on upper revs, etc -Dated auto trans (4sp). get the manual -Carpet quality -The prem sound system is a waste of $$ (not very good). -seatbelt location (kind of arkword to get hold of) -a little higher maintence cost on the engine with cam belts that need changing (not chains, valve lashes that need checking and adjusting (not hydraulic).....again,dated engine tech. Definetly worth $12K, maybe $17K, but not $20K. That and the devaluating dollar (making them more expensive to import) killed it here in the states. Now an orphan car in the staes and only 15,000 imported here. Could be an issue on parts and service down the road.

2008 Saturn Astra

Great car

2009-09-30 15:28:55

This car is wonderful. Drives Like a dream. I wanted a car that had four wheel disk brakes. handles well and this car has It all. It lacks low end power 0 to 15 mph. But after that for a four cyl, It has plenty of power. On a mountain just use the gear's, auto or stick and you will have a lot of fun. I don't know about these people that dislike this and that, like speedometer on the left, what is that????. I'm sure they don't have an Astra. I have a bad back and those bucket seats feel awfully good.

2008 Saturn Astra

Great Little Car

2009-09-06 17:16:07

We bought a 3 dr XR (dealer demo with only 1200 miles on it) a few weeks ago and are very impressed for what we paid for the car. It is apparent why this has been such a good seller in Europe for a long time, We highly recommend it for someone looking for a low-priced late model car. It looks great, is comfortable, gets good gas mileage, and is a lot of fun to drive. The car has a very solid feel and handles as well as our BMW 3 series. It's too bad that Saturn wasn't savvy enough to offer a higher performance engine in the 3 dr model since it has a very sporty look. That being said, the engine performance, even in our automatic, is more than adequate. Overall we are very happy with the car and feel it is superior to the Toyota, Honda and Nissan cars in the same class. Hopefully, Saturn will be smart enough to bring this car back at some point in a 3 dr high perfomance model and offer the big moon roof (we found it odd that the awesome moon roof was only available in the 5 dr models). If they price it right it could be a winner. By the way, we have a 95 Saturn SL1 with 200k miles that our teenager drives daily - has been in our family since it was almost new and has never needed a major repair. Needless to say, we have a lot of confidence in Saturn.

2008 Saturn Astra

I love this car

2009-08-16 17:12:03

I recently bought a blue 3 door Astra and i have to say, i love this car. i did a ton af research before going out to test drive cars and i fell in love with this car. the only things i dont like are that there were no 5 door models available so i got a 3 door..ive never liked 2 doors, so it has taken some getting used to..it also sounds like it is racing in 5th gear. there is also a real lack of cup holders..but it is a european car so they dont have the love of the cup holder like we do. the car handles like a $40k sports car..and it just looks so damn good.

2008 Saturn Astra

I don't like my gargage scow

2009-06-24 09:51:08

I just read a bunch of the reviews and I have to wonder if they really have an Astra. There are so many problems with my Astra I just don't know where to start. The seats are not comfortable. I have to use the heated seats regularly because my back hurts. Didn't have that problem with my mini van. The seat belts lock when you look both ways to cross the street. I'm not jumping around to look. Didn't have that problem with my mini van. There's no place to put anything. The cup holder is BEHIND the driver and there's only 1 "upfront." The clock is in military time. There's no compass. I do like the sunroof as it encompasses the entire roof, but that's about it. I wish that I could go back in time and not get this car. The mini van's heat wasn't working properly, but at least that car wasn't the headace this is.

2008 Saturn Astra

Astra XR 2008

2009-05-25 23:52:12

What an awesome car. I basically ran my 5 spd Ion 2/2004 into the ground. It was my workhorse but it lasted odometer reading was 140,205. Having moved into the suburbs and needing something that could handle both the hiway and city drives I got to Astra. I am totally sold as this is a very very solid car. The p/up on the freeway is smooth and a dream and the turns. I had to quickly do a one land u turn and I did it at 50mph and tight! I wasn't planning to but I had to in order to avoid an accident. the astra just hugs the road and the acceloration is almost star trekish! When I was looking for a car I hedge on going different as this was the third time returning to Saturn. Im glad I did.

2008 Saturn Astra

Review of 2008 Saturn Astra

2009-05-22 01:26:42

The "infotainment" system SUCKS and I can smell the windsheild wiper fluid after I spray it on the windsheild. I don't think that's normal!!!!!! Maybe I shoulda kept my Kia Rio!

2008 Saturn Astra


2009-03-22 00:51:17

i just bought my 3dr saturn astra xr 2 weeks ago. i love it the bucket seats are sporty and comfortable and the overall look is also very sporty. very european car seeing as europe has had it for over 4 years as opels and vauxhalls. i got the premium audio package and the system bumps. i love the controls and its all very easy to use. the automatic transmission is very smooth and quiet. it also handles like a dream, turns that recommend doing 35 mph around, u can easily do 60-65mph around (trust me i tested with stabilitrack off) the only setback is the engine. i wish they offered a few different engines other than the 1.8 ecotec. in europe they have a 2.0L turbo inline-4 that creates massive power pushing the astra from 0-60 in just 6 seconds ...wen my warranty is up im definately slapping on an opel grill and throwing in a the 2.0 turbo and 6spd transmission in the astra, no doubt about that

2008 Saturn Astra

Undiscovered Gem

2009-02-28 10:11:29

Not many people buying these, but the Astra is easily one of the best small cars for the money. Solid construction with premium materials, sporty look, and typical understated German design. Only improvements that would be good would be a six speed manual for better highway mileage and another cup holder in the front passenger area. Averaging 29-30mpg in typical combined city/highway driving.

2008 Saturn Astra

My Astra

2009-02-28 09:39:55

I purchased my Astra in October. I was not sure ************** I have always had a sports car. I can tell you that the car is great and very stylish as well. There is plenty of room inside and it handles great. It gets the great milage that they say it gets. I have had two previous Saturns and they last and last. I am glad that I chose to buy the Astra and it has been a great experience and one I will enjoy for quite awhile.

2008 Saturn Astra

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