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4.0 out of 5

Not what I expected

2010-04-02 10:27:53

Although it has an amazing power engine, the durability and functionality of all interior features do not match with BMW nor Mercedes Benz. The Bluetooth function is an optional feature that is priced too high. After owning one, I felt relieve when I sold ******** way to high maintenance... It goes fast, but doesn't provide the driving experience expected.

2008 Porsche Cayenne

Cayenne Turbo

2008-11-21 18:40:21

I owned the 2005 Cayenne Turbo and loved it!! I can't say the same about the new one..... Be prepared to purchase a lot of oil for your Turbo, at 5000 miles, I have just added my 3rd quart of oil which seems excessive!! The brakes on my $135,000 Porsche is extremely loud everytime I use them, and the service reps tell me this is all normal. Whenever I use my "rest" on the hvac, I smell gas, and the Porsche Service of course "can never duplicate the issue".

2008 Porsche Cayenne

2008 Turbo

2007-10-23 10:28:11

Traded in my 2005 Cayenne Turbo on an 2008 Cayenne Turbo. Great update. Lots of power and so dependable. Better suspension, ride, power and not a single problem. I just miss my Sirius radio. XM just is not the same. My 2005 Cayenne was also dependable. Never in the shop. Just run run run. Whereas my wife's 3rd Range Rover is always in the shop being serviced.

2008 Porsche Cayenne

2008 Porsche Cayenne S

2007-09-28 03:11:55

I've had Porsches, I had Mercedes' and I've had SUVs., but when I decided that I needed an all round vehicle, I chose the Cayenne S. I have not been disappointed. The handling for a heavy SUV is amazing and the power is great. You get good room for 5 and all wheel traction. It is a lot of fun. No problems yet, and it seems very solid. Great sound system too. At the end of the day, I put it into manual mode and surprise quite a few sports cars.

2008 Porsche Cayenne

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