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Review of 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

2007-09-10 03:08:50

You get so much more than just a good sized car to travel with. I got the 4 wheel drive as i travel in the snow during the winter up to tahoe. even with that and driving up hill everyday to work i'm averaging 27 on the highway. and slightly over 30 in town. The energy flow screen is wonderful as you can see which power you are using while driving making it more fun to try and get the vehicle in hybrid drive.

I got the black one with the premium package. I have so many compliments on how expensive the car looks just by the exterior. and the premium package is definitely worth the upgrade, the navigation is very easy to use.

The only downfall to this car is trying to track one down, mercury just did not make enough for all the folks that want one !

2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

2008 Hybrid Mercury Mariner 4WD

2007-09-08 09:38:52

I've had my car for two months and love it. I average 31 MPG combined (the 4WD versions gets lower mileage). The Navigation system is amazing and I recommend it highly. Besides having a GPS function and a great stereo system, it shows you a diagramatic repesentation of the energy flow in the car. When you apply the brakes or sometimes when coasting, an energy vestor points from the wheels to the battery showing that the 330 volt battery is being charged by the regenerative brake system. It switches seamlessly from electric mode (very quiet) to hybrid to gasoline engine. The power steering is electric fly by wire with no hydraulic lines. There is a continuous variable transmission so you never feel the car changing gears. The leather seats are very comfortable and the cabin well designed. The only negative I found was for some reason they enlarged the side view mirrors but they only fold fown about 30 degrees. When you park in NYC it's nice to be able to fold down the mirror so a truck or even a bicycle doesn't accidentally clip it. I really like the way the car looks and the front grill is very distictive. I also like the fact that you don't see many on the road so I feel like I'm driving something special. The acceleration with the two engines is surprisingly peppy. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Great Green Machine

2007-08-14 01:42:00

We love the color (Kiwi Green) and the agressive styling. The performance and economy are great! On a 2400 mile cross country highway trip at 70+ mph, we averaged over 31 mpg. Around town we are doing better than that. There is no problem with power to accelerate to merge in traffic either.

The light colored interior is easy to soil. We wish it came with a darker color. We added a rear Husky Cargo mat to protect that area. Interior reflection on the windshield is a problem on sunny days. The center display can be hard to read.

Seats are comfortable and there is headroom aplenty. We wish the seats were a little higher for a better leg angle on long trips. Standard gauges tell you all the info you need (we did not get the Nav package). The engine shuts down at every stop, and on acceleration it is almost impossible to tell when the electric motor stops propelling you, and the gas engine fires up and takes over. Watching the tach is the only sure-fire way to tell. It is fun to cruise parking lots and block to block in the city running in the electric mode with virtually no sound coming from the vehicle.

The Sirius satellite radio is a great addition. The controls and guages are complete for auto A/C and radio tuning.

2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Review of 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

2007-08-05 03:54:49

Getting an average of 38 mpg in Atlanta traffic in a SUV and not changing my driving habits very much. The premium package is a must with the hybrid. The stereo and DVD Nav are great. Nav has better features than most standalone systems and the audiophile’s sound is HUGE! Tax credit knocks $3000 off the price

2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

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