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5.0 out of 5

Speed, Comfort AND Economy

2009-01-07 13:00:46

This little car was purchased on a single look and single test drive (I had called ahead and had a totally different model ready to deliver). One test drive! To the interstate where I found myself doing 95mph while shifting into fourth at the end of the merge lane. 'Had it 10 months now and the reserve power never ceases to amaze me. Where other cars run out of steam (70+), this little darlin' just starts waking up. You will never have a problem passing! Handling is unbelievable for a car in this price range. And then there is the capability to bring it all to a screetching halt if necessary with an incredible set of brakes-often necessary as this car cruises VERY comfortably at 85mph (not legal in most states). As a matter of fact, I've caught myself doing triple digits if not paying attention to the speedometer. My ONLY complaint, as it has been with other HO engines with front wheel drive, it the inevitable torque steer. Mazda has taken many steps to overcome this issue, and compared to others in it's class, has made great strides. But that pull is still visibly noticable on heavy acceleration when the turbo kicks in. One final point for the ecologist. Ninety five percent of my driving is highway so my fuel economy is consistently in the 25+mpg range. When I have consciously attempted to hold it to the speed limit, that figure has jumped to 26.5 mpg. Not a hybrid rating, but then again, it's no 'put along' either. For you gentlemen that have passed that 'minivan' era of your life, give it a try and relive your youth!

2008 Mazda MAZDASPEED3

Fast and fun.

2007-11-07 01:22:52

I got my Mazdaspeed 3 in September 2007 and it is awesome. The power is unrelenting, zero to 60 is just what Mazda sed it would be (around 5.6 sec), and ive had it doing about 150 on a local reace track. But if comfort is what you want you might want to look for another car. This car is not relaxed in any form, proformance or suspension. It's stiff (but it will fly around a corner), the seats are nicely bolsterd but thay arent that good for long distance trips. The interor is nicly put togeather, there is plenty of room (being a hachback and all). The outside is allmost in a "sleeper" styleing, it dose not look like it will go as fast as it will. The MPG are good for a turbo car (I get just over 20mpg) and im not trying to get good MPG. Overall this is a silly fast car for a good budget, I would deffently recommend this car to a friend. (Hurry thow there is only 5000 in the USA)

2008 Mazda MazdaSpeed3

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