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It's All Good

2010-01-04 10:06:15

In September, 2008 we needed to rent a car for a spur of the moment visit to St Louis, about 1200 miles round trip. We chose a full size vehicle in the online reservation ("Dodge Charger, Chevy Impala or similar"). To our surprise, when we arrived at the rental agency, a somewhat odd looking and very unfamilar Kia Rondo awaited us. It appeared to be a good deal narrower than either a Charger or Impala. Of course, when we questioned the unavailability of those two models, the agent said that they can't guarantee specific models. but try to provide at least something similar to the customer's request. Since we needed to get on the road fairly soon, we figured that since the seating seemed comfortable, and we were told that the gas mileage would be better with the the Rondo, we took it. Good choice! The ride was very smooth, quiet, and the fairly high seating position was comfortable. On top of that, the acceleration was peppy and the gas mileage good. We were so impressed by our experience with the rental, that about six weeks later, when our car experienced major engine damage at 117,000 miles, our online search for a replacement started with Kia Rondo. While there weren't a lot of choices available in our area, we were able to find a used Rondo that we liked. With 44,000 miles, it was the lowest mileage Rondo available, but with the transferable 100,000 powertrain warranty we thought it was a good deal. We've had our Rondo about three months now and have been very pleased. It's all good!

2008 Kia Rondo

Surprising in a Good Way!!

2009-05-03 12:19:37

We needed to find a vehicle that has good gas mileage; that was a priority. Second, of course, in this economy was affordability. My husband owns a Dodge Ram Quad Cab which get appx 10mi/gal.. he recently was transfered for work and now drives 80+ miles a day and the truck just wasn't going to cut it anymore. I owned a Subaru Legacy, which I adored, so we started at the Subaru dealership. My husband also has to transport bulky items, so we needed something that had room to "grow". We looked at the Outbacks, but all had high mileage and still at the $15,000.00 price range. At Subaru, they had a Kia Rondo trade-in. We looked at it.. the outside isn't the best in terms of appearance but we were looking for practical, not stylish. We didn't get a chance to test drive then, since the dealership was closing. We then went down the street to the Kia dealership, since we were intrigued. They also were closed, but when my husband went back (few days later) and explained what we were looking for, they offered an ENORMOUS discount (which Subaru couldn't/wouldn't? match) and the Rondo at Kia had only had 14,000 miles on it! My husband took it for a test drive and was sold. The interior is exactly what he needed.. folding seats, spacious, quiet ride and GREAT gas mileage. I know most people look at the exterior first, then for a specific name (Honda, Toyota) my suggestion would be to look outside the box, the Rondo gave us everything we needed with low miles and great gas performace.. all under $11,000.00 (INCLUDING sales tax & registration!). We couldn't get that at Subaru, Honda or Toyota.

2008 Kia Rondo

What a pleasant surprise!

2009-01-19 22:00:38

We had signed up for a midsized car from Alamo when arriving at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, in December 2008. The agent suggested we upgrade to a full-sized car at an extra $10 per day, "threatening" us with a Pontiac G6 if we didn't. We gulped and decided to take our chances. When we arrived in the pickup area the dispatcher pointed us toward a row of cars and siad, "Take your choice." A G6 was not in sight, but we could choose among a Toyota Corolla or three Kia Rondos, which we had never heard of. The Rondos stood out because they were much taller than the Corolla -- or any other sedan, for that matter -- and looked like they had a lot of room inside, both vertically and horizontally, despite their small size. Further, they offered a third seat, which we thought we might need to ferry family around. We asked the dispatcher, "Which car has the most room?" "The Kia," he said. We were sold. Suffice it to say, the Kia didn't let us down. We have twin sons who are six feet tall, and there was plenty of head and leg room in the back seat for them both. The controls were easy to master, the Sirius satellite radio was a blessing, and the gas economy was a pleasing 20 mpg in southern California stop-and-go local driving. Plus, there seemed to be plenty of "oomph" even with four adults in the car. I drive a Honda Odyssey at home, and the Kia seemed to be very similar, although (of course) smaller. OK, when it comes to cars I am very practical. I don't want anything flashy, impressive or sporty -- just functional. I think my wife got tired of my saying, "I really like this car," during the three weeks we drove it. We are long-time Toyota and Honda owners. In the Kia Rondo we felt we had found a car very much in the same league.

2008 Kia Rondo

Great for young families with small children

2008-08-28 06:05:23

My husband and I bought this vehicle without all of our children present. BAD IDEA!!! We have a 15, 13,10 and 5 year old. If we only have three of our children its not a bad ride or if we have all four and no bags from the store it's ok. We run into problems though when we go on vacation. We had to purchase a lugage bag for the roof of the vehicle because there is NO room for bags of any kind inside. If you are a "healthy" couple like my husband and I, the front seats can be a little clostrophobic. All in all, if you have a family with small chilren, this is a great inexpensive car. We haven't had any performance issues to date and are pleased with the car in that aspect. Do not purchase the light interior, we have four kids and have had to steam clean the inside of the car four times in a year!!!

2008 Kia Rondo

Review of 2008 Kia Rondo

2008-04-15 06:31:34

2008 Kia Rondo

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