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4.0 out of 5

Mixed blessing

2012-01-13 08:24:32

I wanted a small SUV that wasn't cheaply made and promised quality without breaking the bank. Overall I am satisfied but irritated that Jeep didn't spend a little more time getting it right. On the plus side, the Liberty is sturdy. Yes, it's heavy, but I had a minor run in with a pickup and got only a scratch which buffed out. I was also rear ended at a stop light, resulting in very heavy damage to the Volvo. The jeep had scratches and a paint chip to the bumper. The little suv handles well, has decent storage space and is easy to load and unload. The sound system is really good but the 6 disc CD changer quit just out of warranty. The console has generous storage space and the sunroof is tight and trouble free. The exterior is great-gorgeous red paint, nice wheels, right size and easy entrance and exit. Overall it's a satisfying ride except for a few irritations. The interior is where it disappoints. The seat fabric is pitiful. It seems at attract dirt, is very difficult to clean and the headliner and doors are just as bad. The footwells are very narrow, the rear seat needs more legroom or should adjust. The driver's seat is not power and the seats in general aren't very comfortable. There's no audio controls on the steering wheel and controls are awkwardly located. The ride is typically Jeep rough, with lots of pitching and the fuel economy is 15 mpg in mixed city/highway driving - very disappointing fora small SUV. The Goodyear tires were a joke. They were VERY noisy, had iffy wet-weather traction and wound up separating a tread. A set of inexpensive Coopers made it a much quieter and better ride. I've had several light bulbs go out, several check engine lights that were bogus, and 3 times where the starter wouldn't engage the first attempt. Trips to the dealer have found nothing wrong so we will continue on and see what happens. The main question is always "Would you buy this car again?" My answer is a definite maybe.

2008 Jeep Liberty

Review of 2008 Jeep Liberty

2009-07-31 13:32:36

2008 Jeep Liberty

Review of 2008 Jeep Liberty

2009-05-10 13:19:24

Overall, happy with my Jeep

2008 Jeep Liberty

Don't fall for the same trap I did!

2009-04-21 12:57:56

I bought my 2008 Jeep Liberty in November 16th of 2008, it had 10 miles on it. I was so excited I was the first one in my family to have a brand new car! Now I don't beat up on my cars, I have babied it since it is new. Anyways, by Christmas break the service engine light came on, I went to the dealer and he said it was a deafault code, 1/2 hour after I left it came on again, by the time I brought it back the day after christmas it had no heat. So far since I have had this car It has needed a new heater control head a climate control sensor, transfer case repairs, electrical in dash repairs and terrible service by Jeep. Aside from all those problems, the car has a terrible pick up, traction control is always coming on cause it skids even on dry pavement, jerky ride, distint feel when it changes gear, and you can go 60 and only feel like you are going 30. It also seems to struggle with going up hill. Overall, I friggin hate this car but since I bought it new the value has depreciated so much it is not worth trading it in so I am stuck with it

2008 Jeep Liberty

Back to the best

2009-02-09 12:11:41

When the liberty was restyled in '08, it was a vast improvement. Much more like a '96 Cherokee I loved. Great mileage, performance, comfort and it doesn't look like a jellybean (the style most makers seem to prefer). Good job, Jeep.

2008 Jeep Liberty


2008-12-22 01:01:19

I have 2008 Liberty Limited and just love it. Very comfortable, pleanty of room and a great ride. Have owned it since Sept.2007. I also own 1991 Cherokee Larado and still drive it. Love my Jeeps

2008 Jeep Liberty

This vehicle ices up

2008-12-19 22:02:37

In a mild snow storm, the wipers ice up. Defrost on high, it only takes minutes for the wipers to get so bad they are useless. I love the promotional pictures of this vehicle. All in the desert, crossing streams, going down back roads. That environment is perfect for this Jeep. A mild snow storm can be annoying because of constantly having to break the ice off of the wipers. A recent heavy snow was very dangerous. Couldn't see the road ahead of me. Needed to constantly break the ice off of the wipers. I think the problem is in the defrost system. The vents are at the center of the windshield, but at either end of the windshield there are no vents. Ice builds up on the windshield, the wipers get dragged across the ice, and it doesn't take long for the wipers to become useless. I love my Jeep, I just hate the ice problem with the wipers.

2008 Jeep Liberty

My Liberty

2008-12-13 13:23:56

I have a 2005 Liberty and for the most part I like it. When I first bought it a week later the engine light came on and I had to get some valves replaced. But it was a recall so I got it fixed for free. Since then I really havent had any problems with it and I purchased an extended warranty to cover most anything that might go wrong. The only complaint I have is that the interior isnt that comfortable and if you spill any water on the seat it leaves a ring and i havent found anything that can get it out, looks pretty bad.

2008 Jeep Liberty

Love Jeeps

2008-12-13 12:48:09

I currently have 2 2008 Jeep Libertys, 1 a Limited and the other a sport. I had a Jeep Liberty prior to these and I have always loved them. The only problem I had with the Liberty Limited was the slider roof had a problem when traveling over 50mph. A portion of the roof material would lift up a little, but this was corrected by the dealer. Gas mileage could be a little better but as far as durability and dependability, you can't beat them.

2008 Jeep Liberty

jap shills

2008-11-27 12:23:08

after reading the reviews i can see the old jap shills are alive and well...............

2008 Jeep Liberty

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