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5.0 out of 5

Excellent in most every way

2009-06-25 16:47:44

I have owned a 2008 M35X now for 18 months, purchased new. Everything on it has performed flawlessly and I am still amazed at the power of this V6 engine. I have not had any failures or unexpected trips to the dealer. I do agree that the gas mileage isn't great, but I have been using synthetic oil and the mileage is creeping up as more miles are accumulated, currently getting about 20 mpg overall with about 50% highway driving over 12K miles. If forced to complain about something I would say that the forced air heated seats are 'subtle' compared to the searing heat available on radiant heated seats, and they are slow to warm up. Same for the cooled seats, they work but slowly. My only other complaint isn't a fault of the car, but this black car is really hard to keep clean. There is nothing more beautiful than a clean black car, and there is also nothing more elusive. Dust accumulates minutes after washing, and water spots are something I have learned to live with. But, overall I love the smooth ride, great handling, powerful engine, rear view camera, power tilt steering wheel, voice recognition for many functions (although much was lost from what was available in 2007), and the Music Box feature is just too cool! The GPS with traffic alert works really well, but the maps need to be updated already for my area at a cost of $149 plus dealer installation...I haven't sprung for that upgrade yet. Fit and finish along with the quality of the build materials are exceptional inside and out. The leather is buttery soft and has not shown any sign of wear. The changes for 2008 from 2007 are subjective, but I really like them. The violet illumination is much richer than the previous orange lights, and the matte rosewood is now a richer deeper color that isn't so orange. The new chrome grill also gives a needed bling upgrade. All in all, Consumer Reports has been right. This is by far the best Luxury car available under $70K.

2008 Infiniti M35x

Great all around car

2008-07-23 11:39:14

I have been extremely happy with my M35X. It is a very good performing car with great interior comfort and trim. The quality of this car is amazing. I could not find one thing even minor that was wrong at the time of delivery. With all of the electronics on this car I was sure that by this time something would have gone wrong but nothing has ceased to function as it was designed to. I nearly went for the BMW 535i but was lured to the M35 due to the dealer pricing it substantially off of the MSL. I am so happy that I did not go with the BMW as since I have had a chance to further compare their driving and comfort level and I can strongly say that the Infiniti has beaten the BMW hands down. Probably the only thing that the Intiniti does not have that the BMW has is its bling. You just do not get the same reaction from them when you say you have an Intiniti as opposed to a BMW. Well all I can say is you take the bling and I wil take the great driving comfortable car.

2008 Infiniti M35x

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