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4.5 out of 5


2007-10-11 07:25:57

Just purcahsed a 2008 FX. We had a QX4 for eight years and loved it, but thought it was underpowered. This one drives like a sports car. It also is a head turner. Everything about it is first class luxuary.

2008 Infiniti FX45

Review of 2008 Infiniti FX45

2007-10-10 08:22:20

Very poor gas milage!!!!

2008 Infiniti FX45

Love the new infinitix45

2007-08-26 12:32:21

We bought our latest Infiniti FX45 from Baker's

Infiniti in Charleston, South Carolina. What an outstanding first class company & sales staff! We couldn't be any more pleased with our new vehicle!

And what power with first class luxury!!!! After owning a prior Infiniti QX45 since 1997 and 200,000 miles later, it was time to trade it in for a new one. We wanted another Infiniti because in all those 200,000 miles, not once did the vehicle require anything other than the regular oil change and tires to be changed, and it is still running Great!!! I can't brag on this company or the vehicle enough! One of the smartest buys we have ever made. Thank you Infiniti!

2008 Infiniti FX45

The FX45 is a complete blast

2007-07-31 09:10:44

I've had 4WD and AWD since 1972 but this one far surpasses any of the rest. You have to practically turn it over to make it lean in corners. The throttle response is amazing due mainly to the amount of torque. It has all of the amenities my wife loves plus it just plain eats up the road. If you're going on a long trip this vehicle will make you feel like you're driving a race car....and in many ways you are!

2008 Infiniti FX45

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