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Review of 2008 Honda Pilot

Stoneice4 2009-03-04 00:43:58

I traded in my 2004 honda odyssey for the 2008 pilot,man do i miss my van,but that van could not take a bump in the road ,now the pilot has poor volume on the radio,and if you drop something between the center console and the seats up front kiss it good-bye,i'm still tryin to get my dog-gone cell phone!I wish i waited for the 2009,this car is not good for long trips if your sitting in the seats behind the two front seats,not enuff cushion on seats,but real good on gas!good power!,I am turning 50 this year,and I will be getting the MDX!

2008 Honda Pilot

08 Pilot vs 09 Pilot

OBXPILOT09 2008-08-18 11:16:24

I purchased my 08 Pilot on Feb. 19, 08. I just traded it on the 09 Pilot on August 13, 08. I wanted the 09 after seeing it on the MSN site. It was still a prototype at the time. So, I purchased the 08. I wished that I had waited. The 08 was fun and drove really well. It sat too low for carring two adults and three kids when loaded with a cooler rack attached to the trailer hitch. It did have five major flaws for me. The major one was that the rear glass on the lift gate didn't open. I didn't check this feature out and discovered it the day I went to put my Sunday papers for delivery in the back. The other problem is the placement of the gear shifter. Most times I'm turning on the window wipers instead. The 08 had room but still could have had moore.The 09 has lots more room in length and width. The head lights at night cut the top of the tree line off so you have to turn the brights on. The 09 is much better in those five areas. I wished that I had been in such a hurry to get the 08, then my payments on the 09 would be so much more......but I think it's been worth it buying the 09. For those of you that like the 03 - 08 pilots. You haven't seen anything until you drive and look at the 09. The suspension is so much better for hauling. The ride is terrific and the styling is too inside and out. Someone has listed that the 08 has a varible cylinger engine which isn't true. The 09 is the only Pilot that has this type engine that switches between 3, 4, and 6 cylinders. Please don't get me wrong. The 08 was a nice car but the styling and change in the horse power is very different.

2008 Honda Pilot

Review of 2008 Honda Pilot

2008-05-21 11:52:06

2008 Honda Pilot

Quality Vehicle

2007-10-14 10:37:17

I looked for over a year before I decided on the Pilot. I'm very satified with my final choice. It rides very smooth. It handles like a car not a truck. I love that it has seating for 8.Over all it's a great quality vehicle. It has 2 design flaws in my opinion. The location of where you turn the windshield wipers on,is in front of the gear shift. I have accidently turned my wipers on numerous times rather than putting the vehicle in gear. The other problem is,during daylight it's hard to see what's on the screen when your backing up. the screen should be adjustable so you don't get a glare. The vehicle is full of bells and whistles. It talks to you, and will do what you ask on proper command. (my kids love that)It's a little higher priced than the other vehicles in it's class, but I was willing to spend a little extra for saftey,quality and comfort.I would highly recommend putting this vehicle on your list to check out.

2008 Honda Pilot

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