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4.0 out of 5

You will be dissappointed

2009-05-10 11:50:43

Should of done my homework first. Bad performance and gas milage. Interior must of been designed by an idiot. Totally uncomfortable.

2008 Honda Odyssey

Excellent car except for the brakes

2009-04-18 13:05:24

Overall my Honda Odessey Limited is a very nice car, its has good styling, the interior is roomy, comfortable and quiet, engine/transmission performace is great, fuel economy is right on EPA estimates. Its a great traveling car. Someone said its a "minnivan that doesn't have to apologize for being a mini-van", and that is true. But it does have its idiosyncrasies, especailly the brakes. They just don't give you a secure feeling that the car is going to stop. The peddle travels way too far and is spongy. I've it had back to 2 different dealer for a total of 4 times. Both assure me there is nothing wrong with the brakes, trying to convince me that I'm just not used to Honda brakes. I still have my '98 Chrylser Town and Country which I, and the other drivers in my family, always thought was a little short on brakes, but compared to the Odessy the T&C has great brakes. Other annoying items; auto on and delayed auto off headligjts require two different switch positions, the 11 year old T&C had both features on one setting, useability of the navigation system, A/C, voice commands are far too complex, if it takes a 650 pages of owners maunals (150 just for the NAV) its too complex. And whats with only a 4 way power seat on the passenger side? Again, the 11 year old T&C had 8 way on both the drivers and the passenger side. I'm not sorry I bought this car and hopefully I'll get lots of miles out of it. I read all the reviews before buying, I test drove it, but in a 10 to 15 minute test drive you really don't get to know the car. While a really nice car, it isn't the car that the all the published reviews claim it is.

2008 Honda Odyssey

Review of 2008 Honda Odyssey

2009-01-17 21:49:53

I got the Honda Odyssey EX-L. I Love it! It has every feature for both safety and comfort you could ask for. It is wide, quiet and handles beautifully. (cbfinefoods sounds like an idiot to have rated the car as he/she did and then buy one.) Sounds like a disgruntled employee or a competitor to me.

2008 Honda Odyssey

Terrific Vehicle

2008-12-31 22:30:46

My wife and four small kids have had the Touring version of this minivan for about 13 months. Amazing vehicle. Has everything you could want in a family hauler, and then some. Handles well and the turn radius is amazing for such a large vehicle.

2008 Honda Odyssey

Review of 2008 Honda Odyssey

2008-12-27 15:29:57

While the Honda looks nice and gets alot of rave reviews from the media. I am currently very disappointed in overall performance. The fuel economy is nowhere near what I expected. The exterior fit and finish is good and initialy the interior was good to but a month after I bought it I have had a piece of trim fall off and I am getting a very annoying rattle. I will be switching to a Chrysler Town and country when feasable

2008 Honda Odyssey

EX-L Odyssey

2008-09-24 21:54:59

The BEST of the BEST. WOW, What a vehicle. Great handling, great look, awesome performance and quality. The best of all is the interior comfort and features. 5 stars.

2008 Honda Odyssey


2008-08-12 22:14:45

I had recently leased an Odyssey 2008 for 3 years. I am wondering if I made a mistake with this choice. I am having braking problems since day one when I had leased it. I almost got into several accidents. I had even taken it in to have fixed. But the Honda dealer keeps saying there isn't anything wrong - when there is. I don't feel safe in this van. I don't think I will lease or buy another one. I am having difficulty have the van switched out with another from Honda. I don't think Honda wants to admit that this van may be a lemon!

2008 Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

2008-08-02 13:06:22

After trading in our 1997 Odyssey EX, we purchased a 2007 Oddyssey Touring with DVD and navigation. It is a wonderful vehicle with uncomprimised quaility in handling, features, and gas mileage. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a van, having looked at many other options, including the Toyota Sienna, before finding this vehicle. This car is truly fantasitc, a little bit of luxury in our busy lives.

2008 Honda Odyssey

Even better than before

2008-08-02 11:48:20

It was time to trade in our 2002 Honda Odyssey EX. So we traded it in for the 2008 EX-L model with DVD & NAV after also looking at the Toyota Sienna. The 2008 Honda Odyssey does have quite a few more new features than the 2002 Honda Odyssey, but the biggest improvement I have noticed is that the ride is much quieter. We are now taking more longer family trips and this is the perfect car for our family. We are really enjoying our new Honda Odyssey.

2008 Honda Odyssey

Great versatility with our Rottie

2008-07-12 00:00:15

I've owned Honda sedans in the past and loved them. Now, with my back condition, I not only require comfort, but also versatility of seat configuration and ease for our Rottie getting in and out since I can no longer lift her. We purchased the Honda Odyssey EX-L w/NAV & DVD, so it'll be great when our kids visit with the grandkids. We can all travel in one vehicle now ... and, with roomy seating. Although I loved my Lexus RX300, I don't miss it with the comfort, ease of handling, and improved versatility for our family that the Odyssey provides. I especially like all the safety features and the economic feature of when you're cruising, the car will automatically cut back on cylinders when not needed. At today's gas prices, that is an awesome benefit!

2008 Honda Odyssey

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