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4 out of 5

Review of 2008 Honda Civic

2010-01-19 16:39:08

What quality. I had to replace the brakes at the dealer at 17,000 miles and it the tires worn out at 20,000 miles. The brakes continue to squeak and the dealer doesn't know how to slove the problem because the write up guy told me this is a common problem. I just got a recall on this car for the brake hoses. What next. No more Japanese cars for me. Going back to GM.

2008 Honda Civic

inexpensive or small should not mean less quality

2009-10-04 21:57:52

I always heard Honda stood for quality, so I purchased a two door Civic EX...top of the line with sunroof alloys etc. The cloth interior looked great so thats what I got. Two weeks after taking delivery of the car the cloth began to wrinkle. The dealer said "they all do that", but replaced it as a curtesy.....bull. It is still isen't right. When the car is warmed up, while at idle, the car vibrates violently. I took my friend and his mother shopping one day and while waiting for a light his mother said "Ron, there is somthing wrong with your new car. I asked, what do you mean. She answered,"your car is vibrating". I took the car to the dealer and they told me thats normal for this car. Why can't they adjust the idle...answer from the dealer, "there is no idle adjustment" and we can't fix it. I now have 13,000 miles on the car and I heard noises that sounded like they were coming from the front end. I brouht it to the dealer and they told me I needed new front struts....at 13,000 miles!!! HELLO! Its a shame Honda has sacraficed quality for the almighty dollar. I would NOT recommend this car. There are other cars which do not cost as much as the civic, that are better quality and handle just as well or better. I even had the factory Rep. come and see my car. It took 3 months to get an appointment and when the appointment finally arrived it was ludicris. He would not go for a test drive or even sit in the vehicle. He asked me what I wanted him to do, and I said,"fix the vibration". He simply said,"NO" with an attitude. My suggestion is to spend your hard earned money elsewhere.

2008 Honda Civic

Honda civic 2008

2009-08-05 14:43:43

One of the best car in the *********** worth the price. you get great miles in the city and freeway up to 40miles.Awesome digital speedometer. 144hp engine is good for the light weight car. can go above 100 miles if you want.Seating comfort is not so good, other than that every thing is great.

2008 Honda Civic

Honda Civic GX (NGV)

2009-07-24 15:20:27

The Honda Civic GX is a awesome car, I bought mine and a Phil Gas station and am paying about $0.80 a Gasoline Gallon Equivlent (GGE). The only shortcoming is the lack of a large tank, the 3600PSI CNG tank only holds around 8 GGE which results in about 220-250 miles per tank. Since I previously owned a Honda Civic Hybrid my good driving habits are partially responsible for my good mileage. If you are interested in Green, don't select a hybrid or a clean diesel but try a NGV. There are a few really nice perks to owning the NGV, especially if you own the Phil station. 1. You are totally unteathered from the gasoline and it's issues. The price of gas may go to $5+ and as a NGV driver you are still paying about $1 per GGE. 2. CNG burns cleaner than any gasoline or diesel and in the end will probably cost less to run than plug in electric cars. 3. There are many government incentives to invest in a NGV, like the 7k tax credit from the federal and some states even offer thier own incentives. Also many power companies offer discounted costs on natural gas if you have a Phil station. The best however is the fact that you are helping the environment and Americans most of our natrual gas is home grown.

2008 Honda Civic

Review of 2008 Honda Civic

2009-07-22 21:40:14

It felt great in the Honda parking lot. The seats, steering wheel and the exterior looks. My wife wanted it and shortly after owning it, she wanted to quit driving it. She reported feeling like she was in a mixer causing her to get sick on her way to work. So I took it and wow was it noisey. It felt solid but thought it was to rough and harsh a ride. We had Toyotas and love a soft and compliant ride. I wish we had a car that didn't punish you when it hits the little cracks or God forbid, the bumps in the road. Other than that it was great. I'm glad I found a way to keep out the road noise, wish Honda would respond to this big problem instead of putting their ears in the sand.

2008 Honda Civic

Driven, tested and decided

2009-05-03 15:14:02

2008 Honda Civic


2009-04-25 10:58:54

We have owned 3 Acuras and decided to buy a Honda Civic for our son to use going back and forth to college. Not only has the car proven to be reliable, as Hondas are known for, but the gas mileage is excellent. In the past, we have owned American cars, but after owning Hondas we will never go back.

2008 Honda Civic


2009-04-01 21:05:31

i got a si2drcoupe in November, at first i was apprehensive about buying a civic... but holy ****! i love my civic SI, i couldnt imagine buying any other car...i am a very fast driver and my honda has kept up with me very well. very impressive honda one thing tho, if u get an SI, be careful b/c of the cops on the highway

2008 Honda Civic

Review of 2008 Honda Civic

2009-03-28 11:43:35

Honda Civic is a great car! Do not buy Hyundai or KIA - they are JUNK,korean cars NEVER have good quality!

2008 Honda Civic

Review of 2008 Honda Civic

2009-03-19 18:59:25

2008 Honda Civic

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