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4.5 out of 5

Wonderful at first...

2011-03-18 12:10:58

I purchased this vehicle new in January 2009 and loved it! I read the reviews about the cheap plastic and how easily it scratches...it does. I saw a review about the passenger seat cloth wearing...it is. I'm on my third set of tires. I have nearly 80,000 miles on my car. The majority of them are highway miles. I have faithfully maintained the car and done all of the recommended service. I have never had a bit of mechanical trouble with it until this year. Since January 2011, I have had to have the rotors machined, the VTEC spool valve failed as I was traveling on the highway last week (had to tow it to the nearest dealer) and now... the A/C conpressor has gone bad. I am NOT happy that I seem to have reached a magical mileage number where stuff is starting to go bad. This is my first Honda after two Toyota's. They lasted me over 200k miles each and were still going when I desired a new car. I still like the vehicle and might even consider buying another one, but my trust level to take it on my travels has plummeted. Hoping Honda will do the right thing with the A/C compressor, especially since I hear this is not an uncommon problem.

2008 Honda CR-V

Question the Quality

2009-05-01 17:09:04

I have a 2008 CR-V EX all wheel drive. I was impressed with it at first, until the tires wore out at 17,000 miles(quality ???). The 17" rims made buying new tires very expensive, over $600. That was just for snow tires. Another $600 plus for all season tires. Then at 19,000 miles it needed the rear brakes(quality again ????)... Another $300. What will be next?? I just added $1500 to a year and a half vehicle. Not a happy camper.. I thought Honda was a quality company. In the past, I owned Toyota Camrys and never had these problems. In fact one Camry had 90,000 miles and never a brake job. I just hope these cost cease or I will be going back to Toyota.

2008 Honda CR-V

Review of 2008 Honda CR-V

2009-04-22 22:40:05

We bought our first Honda in 1976. We have really enjoyed the five we have owned, great quality, fun to drive. The CRV has the quality and all-wheel drive is much more sure footed in snow compared to the Accords we have owned previously. We are disappointed in the ride, it is just too stiff and bouncy even when compared to other and larger suv's we have driven. I would not buy another one. Also noticed the front seat passengers seat upholstery is wearing quickly.Thought it might be us but peaking in other CRV windows I notice wear in the same spot as ours.Take a long test drive before buying one. Over the years Honda has lost a lot of the edge it had over competitors as they have caught up.Also not the quietest vehicle although better than they used to be. Around town milage is 22mph,on the road, about 25-26. Had tires filled with Nitrogen which did not improve milage but did stop slow air leaks in all the tires especially in cold weather.

2008 Honda CR-V

Review of 2008 Honda CR-V

2009-04-19 11:31:18

2008 Honda CR-V

Finally got it right!!

2009-02-03 14:19:37

After buying a 2007 CRV EX AWD, trading it in for a 2008 Altima and then getting a 2008 CRV EX AWD I now have the car that I really love. I think my 1st CRV had something wrong with it because I couldn't get over 17 mpg (took it back to the dealership 3 times) and it just didn't feel right no matter what I did so traded in (2200 mi.) for the Altima (better gas mileage but no ESC or traction control and that made me nervous) so I the 2008 CRV EX AWD and couldn't be happier. I love the way it handles and all the safety features and I'm getting 20 mpg in the city and when I've taken it on the highway driving 60-7 mph I get 30-31 mpg. I haven't taken it on a trip yet, but am anxious to see what I'll get on I-95 for a few hours. My only complaint is not having the larger center console to store my cd's or other things that I want close by. I did get the remote starter installed aftermarket and it's really great especially since I like to take my 13 yo)Jack Russell for rides and if I have to run in a store for a few minutes I don't have to worry about her getting heat exhaustion in the summer or being too cold in winter.

2008 Honda Cr-v

I LOVE my CRV !!

2009-01-15 15:31:08

I have been driving euro cars for the past 20 years(audi,mb,bmw,am). I borrowed my sister-in-law's car(odyssey), and was amazed how it drives-making me think about a CRV. I have had the car for 3 months and absolutly love it. It never occured to look into the japanese market since I have to admit I was a snob for euro driving. I am having so much fun with my 4 cylinder car vs 8 cyl....I am thrill with my ride ! I ended getting my car via online asking for 10 "out-the-door" quotes paid $24,185.00 and that's it for an EX (fwd). The radio is great, car is roomy, ride is quite and light. We got 30mpg@70mph on the hwy, and 20mpg@90mph on the same trip. Controls are easy. The only thing I can critize is that it only has only lighter to charge the phone , ipod, would be nice to have 2. The lock control I am still getting use to. Highly recomended...love it

2008 Honda CR-V

I love it.

2009-01-02 17:24:34

I have always had a Ford F150 Quad cab. I loved them until I bought the CR-V. Great gas mileage, and its great on gas, I drive it easy and get an average 25-26 mpg.

2008 Honda CR-V

Great Car

2008-12-15 11:55:51

I really like everything about the CR-V. I am getting over 29 mpg overall. Rides great and there is ample room for five people. I like the way the rear seats fold down giving you extra space for cargo. My only suggestion is to make the arm rests adjustable so when you tilt the seat back the arm rest stays level. Minor problem. I test drove a Toyota RAV-4 and the CR-V won hands down. The CR-V is a much better car.

2008 Honda CR-V

CD Gets Hot and radio Goes Out

2008-12-09 18:40:58

When I am playing a CD in my CR-V, the CD gets hot to the touch and the radio goes out. Has anyone else had this problem?

2008 Honda CR-V

Review of a Honda CR-V

2008-11-22 03:36:06

I Ride in or drive CR-V 90 miles one way every day every other week to the University Hospital for work. We both work in the same Imaging Dept so we can share the cost of the travel to the UH and Clinic My friend has the 2007 Honda CR-V. I haved a GMC Envoy and a Jeep Liberty. I can assure the CR-V is no Jimmie or Jeep. The Honda is junk compared to my Jimmie or Jeep. My friend says it's his first and last Honda. His CR-V is in the shop at best every other month. he has had major electrical problems and Brakes went bad at 70000 not covered by warranty. Big bucks to fix at Honda $800+. Struts leak. Can't keep it aligned. I just have to do the regular maint. Oil, tire rotate and etc. I know cars well. I going to look at Jeep Patriot and the New Chevy CUV next year as it will be time to trade because of mileage

2008 Honda CR-V

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