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4.5 out of 5

2008 Accord Ex-L Sedan

renabro 2010-12-04 00:18:56

I miss my car! Just got totaled as some early morning driver crashed into it. Miss my leather interior seats with heat settings. I miss my 6 CD changer and XM satellite radio and the dual zone AC. I took this car on the road from CA to Pennsylvania and never had any problems. I was looking forward to doing a cross national trip from CA to Toronto, Canada. It was like a sudden heartbreak, that I think I'm truly depressed about. You never know how good you have it until it's gone. I hope to get another EX-L Accord, either the Sedan or the Coupe. It's one of the best cars I have ever had!

2008 Honda Accord

This has been another good Accord

asu1981 2010-07-07 09:32:50

This is my fifth Honda Accord and 7th Honda that I've owned. I love Accord improvements. In my opinion, the 2.4 liter engine has plenty of power. I test drove and considered the V6 model. It had plenty of power as well but I just didn't see the need to spend the extra money for the V6. I have just gone over 35,000 miles. At 30,000 miles, my Honda dealer replaced the brakes for free as a warranty item. Outside of this, I haven't had any problems with the car. The gas mileage has been good. In combined city/highway commuter driving, I average 26 miles per gallon. On long trips, we average about 31 miles per gallon. Overall, it's been a great car. The car is two years old and people still stop me in the parking lot to ask me how I like the car. Honda's styling appears to catch many people's eyes.

2008 Honda Accord

2008 Honda Accord EX-L 3.5 with Nav

AOL user 2010-01-29 13:55:19

Car is a pleasure to drive but keep having little problems not to mention needing new brakes and tires well before 30k miles. My local dealer's (Piedmont Honda in Anderson,SC) service department is no help at all. I recently sent in a Service Satisfaction Survey and filled it out to the best of my ability being 100% honest. Shortly thereafter, the Service Manager called and informed me that the General Manager said that I could not come back to their Dealership - go figure! Truth hurts and then they shoot the messenger. Wonder why the GM couldn't call me himself. I had asked for him at an earlier visit and some other person claimed to be the GM. Overall, a decent car and a horrible dealer!

2008 Honda Accord

Review of 2008 Honda Accord

AOL user 2010-01-19 16:22:04

What a piece of Junk.Problem's after problems. Had to Replace brakes at 15,000 miles and tires at 21,000 miles. Needed wheel alingments and suspension parts already. The dealer gives me the run around and can't seem to figure out the problems. It has a bad suspension design by Honda causing premature brakes and tires to wear out per the service manager. I'mgoing back to Ford's.

2008 Honda Accord

Review of 2008 Honda Accord

AOL user 2009-12-22 06:22:49

I cannot recommend the 2008 Honda Accord with v6. There are vibration issues with the suspension, in addition to the vibration and sound of the VCM and transmission constantly searching for the correct number of cylinders and gear. This is our 5th and last Accord. Unlike any car we've had in the last 20 years, the engine on this car burns oil.

2008 Honda Accord

Better Than Reviewed

gduncan 2009-08-20 21:58:15

Have a 2008 EX-L (2.5 4Cyl) purchased new in June 2008. Have put on over 30,000 miles with none of the issues noted in other reviews. Get excellent gas mileage of 25-26 in town and 30-32 on highway. Frequently drive 550 miles or more on a tank. Absolutely no issues with excessive tire or break wear. Interior fit and finish is excellent and ride is solid and comfortable. Very happy with the performance. Car gets up to freeway speeds with no problems and maintains 70 mph at about 2500 rpm. Trunk is cavernous and the interior is more than big enough for 4 adults on an extended trip. Entertainment system is excellent as is the overall instrumentation and seating. I highly recommend this vehicle. Now I just hope it goes 200,000 plus like my 2003 Accord.

2008 Honda Accord

Honda Accord Junk - Premature Brake,Electrical and Tire Wear Problems

AOL user 2009-05-24 14:19:44

All the articles about Honda and what these articles claim need to be addressed. This car is one problem after another. Replaced brakes,tires, wheel alingments and suspension parts already. The dealer can't seem to figure out the problems. It seems to be a common problem per the service maanger. It was a bad suspension design by Honda causing premature brakes and tires to wear out.

2008 Honda Accord

2008 EX-L Nav

bunts3 2009-04-22 16:27:07

Overall, we're quite satisfied with this car with 18000 miles driven, mostly pleasure travel, in the past 8 months. Negatives include front seat comfort, particularly the passengers seat, and overall fuel usage with 22.5 mpg for primarily highway travel.

2008 Honda Accord

2008 Accord EX-L 4 door auto

AOL user 2009-04-12 19:42:39

We've owned an EX-L for year and have driven it 5,000 miles so far. On the positive side: it is comfortable, has great views of the front, sides and rear and has not missed a beat. On the negative side: the city fuel economy is 10-15% less than the stated 21 MPG, a rattle developed in the glove box area (but was fixed by Honda) and the seats have difficult ingress/egress due to the side bolsters. A great car, but it comes with a few bugs.

2008 Honda Accord

Accord LX-P High wind and cabin noise

ozzyam 2009-03-26 13:03:55

This car has a very stiff suspension and does not offer the smooth and quiet ride as some comparible sedans in its class. It might not be suitable for someone who drives long distances often because the rough ride feels like the tires are over inflated and the wind and road noise can get overbearing after an hour of driving. The engin also whines at low speeds which can get annoying. Overall, I'm a bit dissatisfied with this car.

2008 Honda Accord

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