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4.5 out of 5

I'm stunned

Alec 2019-03-12 20:12:43

I owned a 1999 Ford Taurus and drove it for around 80k miles before considering another vehicle. I really loved the trunk space, the leg room and comfort, and the suspension and handling of the Taurus. So I set my sights on a newer Taurus. I found a great deal on a used 2008, took it for a test drive and I loved it. This car is awesome, it is a smooth ride, the engine is powerful, 0-60 in about 7 seconds without really straining the engine. The interior is very roomy, it is hard to believe it is a Sedan. The stereo system in it is very good, all music through AUX sounds incredible. I love this car, and driving it is a lot of fun.

2008 Ford Taurus

Review of 2008 Ford Taurus

wegveg 2009-03-29 17:15:12

2008 Ford Taurus


CB351CJ 2008-12-16 19:54:45

This is my third Taurus, my 2008 is a GREAT car, great power, comfort, handling, everything!! You realy nailed this one!!!!

2008 Ford Taurus

2008 FORD TAURUS Limited

Standman22 2008-12-16 17:20:48

Great car, I had a Ford 500 2005 Ltd. This is much improved in styling , horsepower and safety . 5 star safety rating, Volvo safety , 263 hp v6, great gas milage, 18" whells, Pirelli tires, very comfortable seats especially on long trips, cavernous trunk, back up sensors, heated leather seats, dual AC and heater controls, Sirius radio, SYNC, sun roof. Really like my car a lot. I am in no way related to Ford.

2008 Ford Taurus

Best all round car on the market!

CARROLLHOME 2008-12-16 15:09:43

We have had our 2008 Taurus for six months now - GREAT CAR. It replaced a 2002 high performance Crown Vic and we are very pleased. Smooth ride, great road manners, fast enough and agile enough while still comfortable and behaved. Lots of room for people and stuff, as much or more so than the Crown Vic. Great fuel economy. We have the all wheel drive Limited and never liked ront wheel drive cars. With this car the handling is great, we love the all wheel drive. Before buying this we test drove a V8 Buick Lucerne, what a looser, rough ride, too much front drive torque steer. The all wheel drive Taurus has no front drive torque steer. So if your a rear wheel drive fan and not ready to pay for a BMW, look at the all wheel drive Taurus. A great value for the money, just like the Crown Vic was in its day. We've been on one trip so far, highway mileage was close to 30 mpg and comfort was superb! Like others have said, rides like a big car, handles like a small one. This is by far the best "balanced" auto to hit the market in years. Another great feature is the great visiblity - the Buick was terrible in that department. Saving the best for last, being older,and having driven lots of different vehicles over the years, we love the upright seating position. It reminds me of great cars from the past, 55 Chevy, Checker Marathon, etc. It is so easy to get in and out of, another thing that makes it feel bigger than it is. Ford has a winner here, the public needs to take notice.

2008 Ford Taurus

A good quality built Car

Caseyturner007 2008-08-29 21:01:26

I really love the 2008 Taurus. It's biger than my 2007, more comfortable, easier to get in and out. Major problem with the other models of Taurus. I have owned a 2001 as well. I will freely never drive a 2001, 2007 Taurus. In fact I want to get rid of my 2007 Taurus. The Ford Focus I was originally going to buy but was not pleased with the interior design. While exiting the car I cut my right knee on the light switch, and that was it. I went stright to the 2008 Taurus.I loved the deal Ford Gernady gave me. 2 problems with the interior design. The climate controlls, and emergency flasher switch needs to be easier to get to. They are in a bad place because you have the shift lever in the middle. I would of liked to had Sync, or Navigational system on mine. No after market possibilits, other than a Garmin. What happened there FORD. My overall rating Is still Excellent. Thank you. Oh by the way I grew up a Chevy man. Swore I would never by a FORD Vehicle. Thanks guys. 007.

2008 Ford Taurus

Review of 2008 Ford Taurus

AOL user 2008-07-21 09:43:33

This makes my 4th Taurus...... I love them...... and especially our new 2008.......... Its even better then the other 3 I had......... More leg room, more head room, large trunk, beautiful and fun to drive. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking. Also it has the best safety record of all cars.

2008 Ford Taurus

Review of 2008 Ford Taurus

2008-02-26 01:03:03

2008 Ford Taurus

My new Taurus

2007-10-20 10:56:54

I had been thinking of trading in my Volvo S70 for an S80. But while I was at a car show being held at a Ford dealer I figued while I was there anyway I would test drive the new Taurus. I was so impressed with the fit, finish, and the way the car drove and handled I bought it! The more I drive it the more I love it.

2008 Ford Taurus

Better than Impala

2007-10-10 12:41:14

We've had our new Taurus since July 2007, and so far we like it. We drove a Chevy Impala, and then on a whim, test drove the Taurus immediately after. We drove the Impala and Taurus over the exact same brick street.........the Taurus was much smoother riding. We thought the Taurus had a classier interior with the wood trim. The rear leg room is outstanding, and the trunk massive. The power is impressive, but not outstanding. It get's the job done, as we were not looking for a performance vehicle. We've had Toyota's in the past and had mixed feelings. It seems like on Japanese vehicles, the little things break all the time, but the engine and transmission will run forever. The little things can be very annoying, so we decided to buy American.

2008 Ford Taurus

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