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5.0 out of 5

Best value 4x4 in the world

2008-07-31 00:15:17

Fortunately I now live in the land of cheap gas so mpg was not an issue for me but I have spent the last 45 years paying for most expensive gas in the world (UK). Prior to buying I test drove just about every decent 7 or 8 seater on the export market. The expy was the best looking, the most quiet inside and by far the best value of them all. Living with a 4x4 XLT is fantastic and there was no need for parking sensors or the like as the turn in is superb for reverse parking in a very congested city where most people drive civics or echos because of the supposed trouble parking. The six speed gearbox is super slick and makes a mockery out of the old slush boxes on Chevrolets offerings. The electronic 4x4 came to show its class in the mountains of Oman when crossing boulder fields on tick over, just superb. It also manages the huge sand dunes with ease. If I had to find fault with the car then it would be the following. The slot in ashtray is useless and in a useless position. Also the quality of the dashboard plastic around the cigarette lighter is too flimsy. And thats it for faults. A colleague spent nearly 50% more on an all singing, all dancing Armada and now wishes he had bought an Expedition. If you can live with the gas mileage, then there is no better value for money, better looking, real world full size SUV.

2008 Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

2008-02-10 01:16:55

Great vehicle, I'm very happy. I should have done this years ago actually gets better mileage then expected (but still not great.

2008 Ford Expedition

Great Car

2007-09-03 11:22:00

Excellent purchase once again. I have about 4000 miles on my new Expedition and I love it. It rides much better than the other vehicles I looked at and the bang for the buck was superior (Tahoe). Seats are comfortable, controls are located in user friendly places, visibility is excellent, turning radius is amazing, all in all a really great ride.

2008 Ford Expedition

We Love It!!!

2007-08-11 12:14:00

Great Value Great SUV

2008 Ford Expedition

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