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4.5 out of 5

Love my 2008 Escape

AOL user 2012-05-06 08:02:18

I went from a 1999 Lincoln Navigator to the 2nd Escape in the family. Bought my son a 2005 when he turned 16 two years ago. Not one thing has gone wrong on that vehicle not even a brake job yet and it is at 70,000 miles on it. Had 50,000 on it when we bought it. His was fun to borrow once in a while due to ease of parking and the gas mileage. So when the 2008 came up on a friends car lot I bought it. It does not have the ride of my old Navigator, but it does have many of the same features. I average 23 right now on mpg which is 10 more than I got with the Lincoln. I can park anywhere and love the looks of the vehicle. Only wish the seats did not feel like you were sitting on a box. But for the money I am saving at the pump my butt can sit stiff.

2008 Ford Escape

My Second Ford Escape '02 and now '08

AOL user 2009-01-17 21:22:23

After years of driving Honda's, I jumped back on the American Bandwagon and purchased '02 Ford Escape. Absolutely, hands down, the best auto I've ever owned. I hated to give her up when she hit 60K. Now I'm on my second Escape and while I don't like the look of the '08 as much as the '02 (I don't care for the additional chrome) I still love the car and can't believe it when I get over 28 MPG on the hwy (that's with the V6)! Great SUV! Best SUV on the market.

2008 Ford Escape


AOL user 2009-01-03 20:29:26

We bought a 2008 Escape because we wanted a reliable car. Our escape has been in for repairs 7 times since we purchased it. one word LEMON! I asked Ford to buy it back and I have not heard a thing from them since.

2008 Ford Escape

2998 Escape Limited

BKRBLY 2008-12-14 10:18:34

We went from a 2005 Crown Victoria to the Escape. We absolutely love it. The ONLY thing that I have found wrong with this vehicle is that the horn is whimpy. It is basically my wife's car. I drive a 2008 F-250 diesel. I take the Escape every chance I get. Partly because of the Sirius radio and partly because I enjoy driving it.

2008 Ford Escape

I Love my Escape

NiviaM819 2008-12-13 13:27:46

I love my escape I previously owned a dodge caliber and it was too small for me. The Escape is perfect and very comfortable. I drive alot and I can not complain about the gas mileage. A++ for my escape

2008 Ford Escape

07 Ford Escape has great gas mileage

AOL user 2008-12-13 13:01:27

I have to travel a lot with my job and I'm actually satisfied with the gas mileage on the highway. I can get 200 miles on a half tank of gas and it's a 6 cylinder! It is perfect for the bad weather. I have to drive through snow and I feel totally safe. I'm not the biggest person in the world so it fits my size without being too large of a car.

2008 Ford Escape

Gas Milage NOT What's Promised

Raspy57 2008-12-13 12:53:14

Escape's promise of 22-28 MPG is TOTAL BS. More like 19-23, and that's with the 4 Cylinder! Sluggish. Bought it for the milage economy and am Totally Disappointed.

2008 Ford Escape

Escape 2008 and 2003

IndicBlue 2008-12-13 11:11:53

I purchased a 2003 Ltd. Escape in Nov. 2002 and in Oct. 2007 I gave it to my sister and got me the 2008 Escape. I would never try a different car! My sister is still driving my 2003 Escape with almost 120,000 miles and it has never given us any problem. I love my 2008 Escape. Competitive exterior and great interior. For the price it has very ergonomic leather seats and all the features you need in a car and find in most import luxuries. Incredible performance, mileage, and handling. You feel indeed safe in this SUV. I would recommend it to families with children because it can seat 3 persons in the back comfortably.

2008 Ford Escape

I love my Escape

RAVENJAN 2008-11-16 09:39:24

I purchased a 2008 Escape Limited. I have driven to New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Kentucky from Baltimore, Maryland. I love this little SUV it is fairly rated and lives up to the printed specs. I love the styling, love the bling front. Love the interior, love the ride the handling capabilities, the zippy v6 front wheel drive. It corners great, it has given me great gas milage. Tank and 1/2 to Boston. That includes some side trips. 520 miles to central NH under two tanks Kentucky a bit more than NH in a bit over two tanks. By the way the tank holds a modest 16 gallons. I just love this little SUV. It is roomy and has a great cargo area. Enough room that when I travel with my dog his crate fits comfortably. He is a big dog. I chose a crate that has the opening on the side. I will be doing a lot of traveling over the next months. I am confident in my Escape to do so. I have always driven Fords. This one is a winner. I call her Zippy. Yes, I am a female driver. ladies it has style and all you would want in a small SUV. I give Zippy 5 Stars. ON your choices below you don't show a V6 engine. Jan Harding Baltimore, MD.

2008 Ford Escape

Perfect for Empty Nesters!!!!

Frtgy89 2008-09-21 00:49:10

We traded in a 02 Mountaineer. What we got was exactly what we wished for, an excellent SUV. With the girls gone and only 1 grandbaby it fits our lifestyle perfectly. It is "her car" but she lets me drive it weekends! I've gotten to like the little truck, it handles and performs well. Thanks Ford for another winner!!! P.S. get the running boards

2008 Ford Escape

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