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formula 1 for the streets

AOL user 2008-10-05 00:39:02

I was only a passenger with a professional driver [Damn Me ] .. in Santa Monica , Ca .. recently . This machine moves with an insane G force that almost makes you nauseated .. no I really mean it ! With the driver easily speed shifting on the steering wheel controls ! People let me tell you .. unless you have been in the ENZO with the traction control off .. this is the nest best machine on earth .. then maybe the 430 which is phenomonal !! The driver also had previously owned the Enzo which I did have the pleasure to ride in.... as a passenger only .. also {damn again] .. and this machine's torque caused my knees to lift off the floor and almost hit my chin ! and I weigh 225 lbs ! I felt like a ragdoll .. whipping around my seat .. Mind you this was a professional racer with the Traction Control off .. The car was sideways a quarter of the ride .. I actually thought I might have been killed as the ride intensified .. really . I had no idea a car could perform on a street road like these machine did ! Unless you fly F16's as your day job .. the 599's ride will make your adrenaline soar like nothing else . Please somebody who has actually driven this fine machine should try to explain it .. in much better detail than me .. because I am not helping much as only a passenger .. Come on drivers .. write a review !

2008 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

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