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3.5 out of 5

Great truck/Great value

2009-02-23 13:58:21

Make no mistake---this is a great,serious truck and worth considering, if like me, you are about to spend thousands more on a foreign model. I pull my 25' fully loaded travel trailer over 10,000' passes here in Colorado with ease[6800GVW] and average about 12mpg. When not towing I get around 17 in town, 22 on the road; the two modifications I made will pay for themselves over time---I now have 330hp at the wheels and 365# of torque. This is a serious truck in the right size-yes, it will fit in the garage, easily. The fit, ride and lines of this truck are great, and I get compliments on it daily. Do yourself a favor----get this truck with the 4.7L flexfuel, ad the 2 modifications as I did, and your set-----take your wife on a nice vacation with the difference saved, and she'll love the truck even more[maybe not you, but nothing is perfect!]

2008 Dodge Dakota

New Dakota Fan

2008-07-06 02:18:07

I test drove Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Chevy and the Dakota, which is by far the best of the 5. The Tundra(full size) drove better but was $8k more. The Tacoma was close but still almost $5k more. The Nissan and Ford were similar in feel and ride but not quite as solid as the Dakota. The Chevy Colorado was the worst and even with an employee discount was not able to meet the price of the Dakota. I have the V-6 which getting an average of 21-22 MPG I can't complain. I don't really tow more than 2000lbs (I have a 3 bike toy-hauler) and even fully loaded I don't really notice they are there. I would like to see the 4.0l (253 bhp, 262 ft/lb--23 mpg) in the truck, but that is just me. If you want a truck that will not bankrupt your wallet the V-6 Dakota Crew Cab is my recommendation.

2008 Dodge Dakota


2008-06-23 07:49:26

The designers at Dodge Chrysler are making the trucks uglier and uglier! It just makes the 1994's through 1999 worth more even with the bad ball joints.

2008 Dodge Dakota

Review of 2008 Dodge Dakota

2008-03-16 11:49:46

2008 Dodge Dakota

Long time in coming...

2007-09-19 02:14:00

Years ago Dodge designed a very masculone looking vehicle with a front grill that equated to a Semi Cab such as a Peterbilt... I told myself then that I would love having it as a truck... Lo and behold, the Dakota got a new look, slightly higher, wider and more rugged looking that my Ranger...so I I traded up a bought a New Dakota...no regrets, it has everything I want and need. No complaints at

all...it serves me well... ADH

2008 Dodge Dakota

Beter then the last one

2007-09-18 09:46:36

This is a more stylish and better looking truck then the last Dakota. It has the look and feel of the first generation "new" ram and the new 4.7l v8 is a healthy addition. This truck has power and style. Not too big either.

2008 Dodge Dakota

Review of 2008 Dodge Dakota

2007-09-18 09:18:55

2008 Dodge Dakota

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