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4.0 out of 5


2011-01-17 11:37:16

Bought our 2008 DC brand new from authorized dealership only a year and a half ago. So far the sunroof has leaked causing mold damage to the interior of the car, had to have oxydiation treatments to get rid of the smell, no guarentee it won't return. Sunroof had to be repositioned and fixed as well. Next, car suddenly won't start for no known reason, had to be towed to dealership...for a new car that has had excellent upkeep and maintenance this is unacceptable. Thanking God it is still under warranty. For all of the owners remarking that this is the best car you have ever owned please humor us all with the type of car you previously had...it must have been a real lemon to make this look appealing. Research this vehicle on the web you will find numerous complaints on performance and leaks among other issues - there are far better choices out there, take the time to find one!

2008 Dodge Caliber

Review of 2008 Dodge Caliber

2009-01-20 21:29:10

I love my 2007 Dodge Caliber. Great gas mileage, good power, nice ride. Quality sound with the speakers. I like the way the interior lights up around the cup holders, and the glove compartment also has a great cooler system that is wonderful for longer trips. The trunk area is roomy, and the cover that goes over it to conceal contents being seen from the outside is a nice feature. I do not find the "blind spots" while driving like another reviewer, and feel quiet the opposite. I had a two vans before this, and they had blind spots, but this Caliber certainly does not. The only thing I can complain about is the low head room in the front seats. The driver's seat can be lowered, but the passenger seat cannot, and my tall husband is always bumping his head. Other than that, I love my Dodge Caliber.

2008 Dodge Caliber

Caliber Frustration

2008-12-12 17:25:50

The car is nice but I wish I had known what a SMALL gas tank capacity it had or how I could've found this out sooner. I travel about 65 miles a day and have half a tank about every 2 - 3 days! It's about a 15 gallon tank and gets frustrating to have to buy gas 3 times a week, at least. Also, I have to get the tire pressure checked once a week because they fluctuate between 30 lbs to 40 lbs very quickly. Over all, tho, it is a nice car and for what I use it for, it's nice. Have yet to make a long trip with it but really am not looking forward to that. Not all that roomy up front, but for my 5'3" frame, I'm okay. I don't see this model being out there for too many years, tho.

2008 Dodge Caliber

best little crossover

2008-11-27 05:57:49

I had truck and suv over the year sinces fuel prices have gone up i down side to the caliber and had more room than my truck and suv and it had more power could not ask for a better car.

2008 Dodge Caliber

Never again!!

2008-11-27 02:54:49

We rented a caliber last summer while having the transmission replaced on our beloved Pontiac. What a piece of junk! The caliber is nothing but blindspots and begs for you to run into something, much like I did backing out of a parking garage due to the fact that the back bumper sticks so far out from the rear window. The CVT made so much noise and made highway driving almost terrifying. Decent gas mileage and I like the light up cup holders and how the glove box can double as a cooler, but this vehicle is a total waste. I wouldn't even recommend it to my worst enemy.

2008 Dodge Caliber

Squeaky Brakes

2008-11-26 23:49:17

Bought a 2007 Caliber with 13,000 miles on it in January of 2008. I love the car for its space, gas economy and ride but I can't stand the squeaking rear brakes. It's been to the dealer five times in nine months for correction but the brakes continue to drive me mad. They seem to operate properly but the noise is maddening!!! Any one else experiencing the same problem?

2008 Dodge Caliber

Review of 2008 Dodge Caliber

2008-11-26 23:24:40

We test drove the Caliber, then bought a Jeep Patriot. Much more room in the rear seats and about the same mileage for the price.

2008 Dodge Caliber

dodge caliber

2008-11-26 23:11:08

Rented a couple from Enterprise - for the $ thought it wasn't a bad car for someone who just drove around town - on the hwy I found the performance lacking - nice enough for inexpensive transportation

2008 Dodge Caliber

Caliber rental - a surprising disappointment

2008-11-26 22:43:51

I rented a Caliber while my car was being repaired. I'd admired their look and was anxious to try one out. I could not have been more disappointed. Noisy, very noisy, rough riding, and generally coarse. A pretty poor example of a modern Chrysler. I had recommended the Caliber to my brother as a city car and called him immediately to retract my statement! I could not wait to turn it back in!

2008 Dodge Caliber


2008-11-26 22:14:30

my wife and I rented one of these good looking little deathtraps on a visit to Denver.NO visibility.every lane change was scary.in every other category it is a nice car.good mileage,lots of cargo space,rides well,and looks good. you sit too low but that is easily fixed.my secretary rented one last year and was just as upset with the bad visibility

2008 Dodge Caliber

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