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4.5 out of 5

DO NOT BUY an HHR. Or another GM for that matter...

2011-07-28 14:34:34

Less than 30K miles on my brand new 08 HHR. Problems so far: Door gasket hanging out, Headliner noise, high pitch engine noise, door noise, paint chipping (at 12 weeks), clunks in front end (sway bar links shot 10K miles), brakes squealing, coat hanger won't retract, grease inside door getting on windows, radio quit working, upper door gasket squeaks against door when shutting, rear emblem full of water, driver seat belt won't retract, door locks rattle when driving/locked, clunk in front end AGAIN (14K miles), rear gas struts won't hold up hatch, Shift Knob fell off, Black finish on wheels gone (rusted at 16K miles), metallic rattle in dash, hubcaps clatter constantly at 35mph, grinding noises from rear of vehicle, engine clatters with "death knock" when cold starting, passenger seat slider handle hanging down and rattling, ac blower motor rattles chatters and squeaks on setting "2", upper console will no longer open, console/shifter groans and squeaks whenever moving shifter, clutch pedal groans and squeaks. My family has always purchased GM. I bought this vehicle to replace a 53K mile Suburban that was nothing but problems. What an idiot. Have several other brand cars with way more miles and ZERO issues since new. Will NEVER buy another GM automobile...

2008 chevrolet hhr

Review of 2008 Chevrolet HHR

2011-01-24 20:58:15

vision is poor hard to see the trafic light have to stay back further than with a normal Car. Headrest from the rear are in the way when looking in rearvew mirrow.no room to place anything other than 2 small cups between front seats.Headlight covers are already blind[ plastic most likley from China].place anything in the back on the shelf and it slides all over the place.Gasmilage is fairly good.will not purchase again not quet to my satisfaction

2008 Chevrolet HHR

Great Features, Great Price

2009-04-06 15:31:29

I stepped down from an Infiniti FX35 which I loved but it had lousy gas mileage and the service costs were excessive...30,000 mile service was over $600.00. Finally decided I was wasting way too much money to have a luxury vehicle but I still wanted the extra room of an SUV so I bought my HHR. I love this car and all of the extra's they put in. Doors lock automatically when you put it in gear, remote start, ipod plug in, automatic headlights, monthy diagnostics report, built in telephone, OnStar, Dashboard compartment, passenger seat folds flat for extra long storage space. I have the LT and it's not a rocket like the Infiniti but has plenty of acceleration when you need it. I also find it comfortable and it rides smoother than the Infiniti did. Mine is Orange with the solid 3rd panel insert instead of the rear most windows which I also like, it's just a little different and easy to spot. I'm done wasting money on expensive cars...Plus I got a terrific financing deal from GM. I think I will be keeping this for quite some time and you better believe my next vehicle will probably be a GM.

2008 Chevrolet HHR

Review of 2008 Chevrolet HHR

2009-03-23 11:51:00

2008 Chevrolet HHR

Review of 2008 Chevrolet HHR

2009-02-15 13:46:29

I think # 5 review was a setup. I have had alot of cars in my 51 years. I am blown away by the power, and torque in the SS, 260 horse out of a 4 cylinder turbo. Now GM has a kit to bring it to 290 horse for 6 hundred something dollars. My friends have the other 4 cylinder models, that I have driven, and there is power and torque there also for 4 cylinders. Everyone gets better gas milage, then rated that I have talked too also, and I have talked to many, with these cars. My girl was pissed when I brought this car home. She loves it now, and I have had some very nice fast cars also. The seats go way back. It needs arm rest in the standard shift model. My girl and I have bad backs, and we take pillows and pads to lay down in the back of the car, with plenty of comfort. GM needs to make it easier to buy with Gm credit. They suck, too many people have said. Other then that. Gm now makes great trucks, and cars now. I know. I have had 4 in the past, 8 years now, and I have been a true ford, and chrysler car and truck guy for many years. The american company's make great cars, and truck's now. It's about time. Thanks, William Carey Jr. Hamburg, New York

2008 Chevrolet HHR

Thank goodness it was only a rental

2009-01-15 22:23:35

I had one of these as a rental. What a dog. No acceleration, dreadful handling and utterly unresponsive to drive. Exterior is best descibed as "aesthetically challenging" and the interior seems cobbled together from the cheapest and nastiest plastics on earth. Thank goodness I could give it back after a week!

2008 Chevrolet HHR

Gas milage, performance, and room what more could you ask for?

2008-10-08 21:39:48

It's a great little vehicle with enough room for a 250 pound, 6'3" person. I average 28.5 miles to the gallon combined and has gone as high as 32 mpg on the highway at 79 mph. The turbo charged 2 liter automatic does have a bog between first and second but it not that bad. It has a top end of 137 mph flat out by radar and gps so its no dog either. overall in these days of bad fuel and high fuel costs its as much fun as driving a 468 cid BBC in a 60's Malibu in its day.

2008 Chevrolet HHR

Still getting use too

2008-08-23 09:28:47

I have owned my HHR for two months now and all though It gets great gas mileage and the incentive deal I got was fantastic, my insurance went down, I am still getting use to it comming from a durango, I feel very confined other than that it is fun to drive and the kids think it is cool

2008 Chevrolet HHR

Great All Around Buy

2008-08-02 20:47:18

It handles great, and for being a four-cylinder vehicle, it responds resonably to accerleration onto a highway ramp etc. It's roomy, and it has much more room in the back than that little car that looks "similar" to it. :-) The cargo net in the back is handy as well. Coming with a year of Onstar, and telephone too, it's a great deal. Gas milage is pretty decent too. It rides pretty smooth. I love the extra glove compartment on the dash (handy). Now the bad. Not many things are bad to me, but due to the design resembling the classic cars, the driver has larger blind spots than with different models. The cupholders aren't in the best place either. See? Minor stuff. I love my HHR, and for the first time in years, I will keep this and pay it off vs trading it in before hand. I can't be bored with a classic looking car that gets great gas milage, has lots of room and space for stowing items, and is so easy to manuvere.

2008 Chevrolet HHR


2008-07-27 10:17:28

This is my 2nd HHR. My firt was purchased 10-05. Its was an HHR 2LT 2.4L. I had been lots of fun. Lots of power,Real sexy in burgondy with the chome package, fully equipt... My new HHR SS TURBO is very impressive. 260 HP,18in.Wheels,4 wheel disc brakes, Launch control and lots more. With all I got in it,it was a $29,000 car. as far as power.WOW !!! It can keep up with my fiends stock V8 mustang. The only draw back is that the bakes will NOT hold the car when its first started up. I need to wait for the vaccum to build up before I shift into gear. (the turbo sucks away all the vacuum) Its been back to the dealer for this problem *********** to be no fix to this problem. But I love this car. I own and manage 3 homes and need to haul stuff now and than. It has carried a dish washer, an electric range and a 15x15 moon bounce. all in there boxs. (not at the same time though) BYE ONE TODAY...

2008 Chevrolet HHR

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