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2008-09-21 04:38:09

I have been a tradesman for fifteen years, and have owned a variety of work trucks. The 2008 Chevy Express 3500 EXT, with the 6.0 liter is the finest of all of them. The cargo capacity is tremendous, the torque of the engine more than powerful, and the comfort and convenience items superior to my high trim level SUV. I find it extremely comfortable to drive and have already fallen in love with the trip computer and the automatic head lights. The rear doors have two detents, the widest of which is about ninety degrees. I love the step bumper and truly appreciate that there is no spot on the rear opening that is less than forty-eight inches (the height of most plywood or sheetrock). The dog house (engine compartment cover) is unobtrusive and has very usable cupholders and a large compartment, which serves as the glovebox because there is none in the traditional spot. The tilt wheel makes finding a comfortable driving position and easy proposition. The 6.0 liter (366 cubic inch) is powerful, as a work truck enging should be. However, it is also pretty quick if you get into its powerband of about 4500 rpm. As it is aging, it is also developing a very nice snarl when it starts to climb into the higher revs. Other touches such as a separate key for the cargo area are welcomed by anyone who has fretted after leaving his vehicle at the mechanics with all of his or her tools exposed. Now I can just give up the passenger compartment key and lock the bulkhead door and have some sense of security. In short, I am truly in love with my new, big Chevy.

2008 Chevrolet Express

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2007-08-14 06:25:00

2008 Chevrolet Express

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